behind the velvet courtain

TITLE: Behind the Velvet Curtain
AUTHOR: Matt Converse
PUBLISHER: Comet Press
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PRICE: $ 4,02 on Amazon
LENGHT: 65 pages


BLURB:Matt Jaxx is a sexy stripper who develops a fast following, but one of them turns scary stalker. Along the way he way he meets Justin and it’s lust at first sight, both doing things they’d only fantasized about. Right when he seems to have it all, his stalker reappears, revealing his twisted agenda. It’s a fast, fun, sexy, scary tale.


lorraineFor a debut novel, this wasn’t bad at all. I thought the author missed out on a good opportunity, but the foundations of the storyline were solid. It wasn’t until we got to the “top floor” that it collapsed a bit.

Matt is a part time stripper. He dances to Lady Gaga (inspirational choice author) and is good, so much so, that he gives up his respectable bank position and becomes a full time stripper. Life is good, especially when he meets Justin, his neighbour. With success though, there is normally a downside, in this case he attracts a stalker. Matt refers to him as “The Creeper”.

This is where I felt the author missed out on a great opportunity. The book is short, so everything has to happen pretty quickly, but personally, I thought that if the author had condensed Matt’s stripping life a little bit and put more emphasis on the stalker part of the book and therefore making it the “main feature” – elongating that bit of the storyline, it would have been so much better and of course a higher rating. I would also query the “erotic horror novella” tag, it’s more in the realms of a “hot, sexy, suspense novella”, my opinion anyway,

A great start to what I am sure will be a very successful writing career.

tre e mezza


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