NEW: “THE HARDER THEY FALL” by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

the harder they fall

TITLE: The harder they fall
AUTHOR: Sandrine Gasq-Dion
PUBLISHER: Skull Blaster Publishing
GENRE: Paranormal
PRICE: $ 3,99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 221 pages
RELEASE DATE: June, 30th


BLURB: The Youngblood children have faced many crises in their young lives, including battling the danger and intrigue that come with carrying on the once-notorious Damon Santorno’s bloodline. But navigating love as teenagers has its own perils, especially when jealousy and revenge decide to crash the big dance. In other words, just another slice of Santorno life. As the kids stumble their way through high school, it seems everyone has caught the love bug. Damon Youngblood is ready to commit completely and take the next step with Tyler Dion. Damon’s childhood friend, Mark Andrews, thinks he’s found love — until he gets sucker-punched when he discovers that his boyfriend has a pretty serious skeleton hanging in that closet he came out of. Enter Paul Greystone. He puts the ‘stud’ in student, and while Mark’s hormones scream ‘yes,’ his heart cautions ‘not again.’ Besides, getting through Paul’s defenses is like dealing with a raging bull with a suit of armor thrown in for good measure. Well, they DO say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

WARNING: This book is part of a series. This book contains homosexual relations, crude language and violence. It is preceded by The Medicine and The Mob and An Eye for an Eye.

One thought on “NEW: “THE HARDER THEY FALL” by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

  1. llesarlorraine 07/01/2015 / 6:37 PM

    I’ve just added this to my list. Petronella introduced me to the Assassin/Shifter series and I loved The Medicine and the Mob and of course, An Eye for an Eye (only £0.99 at Amazon UK), yep, I’m in!


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