ball and chain

TITLE: Balls and Chains
AUTHOR: James Cox
PUBLISHER: Evernight Publishing
PRICE: $ 3,99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 86 pages


BLURB: What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws?

The war has begun. The MCs of Mars are fighting against the corrupt government and their archaic rules: women are used for breeding, dark-skinned men are slaves, and homosexuals are executed. Whip is the kinky club member who is the best with current technology. He has the task of hiding out at Harley’s Hover Car Parts to monitor the government. He never planned on finding out the sexy ginger Harley had a crush on him. But Whip isn’t like most men. He grew up with a harsh father that taught him early how to torture people. Whip turned that horror around and now he can’t live a vanilla life. He has whips and cages and toys that would make any sane man run.

The city on Mars becomes a battle for the future of our species. But the battle between Harley and Whip is just beginning. Will these two men find love with balls and chains?


lorraineFirstly I have to say that I’ve never read a dedication that made me spew my coffee that I was drinking, all over my kindle – James Cox you have my respect!
So we’ve only got 2 more books before this slight-tongue-in-cheek-but-so-readable-series finishes – what am I going to do then? I can feel my addiction climbing to the surface already wailing at the thought – I’m in deep trouble here! and talking of deep, it brings me rather nicely onto Whip, whose story it is. Let’s be totally honest here, Whip is waaaaay deep! not surprising as his childhood and early adult life was totally controlled by his sadistic Peacekeeper father. The legacy he left Whip was a perchance for BDSM and a love for his “equipment” that he enjoys to fairly extreme levels – hence the name “Whip” (don’t be put off by the mention of a BDSM storyline, it’s mild and not offensive in anyway).
The war is gaining momentum, Whip being their communications expert (amongst other things (lol)), is sent to Harley’s Workshop to ensure that the communications are set up – you can’t win a war without communications. Not only does the war gain momentum but Whip and Harley’s relationship certainly does!
Did I mention that Harley is a ginger? No? well he is and does credit to the “we love gingers” fraternity out there – just sayin’. Again the sex scenes are hot, well we are talking The Cox here, so we would expect nothing else. The dynamics between Whip and Harley was compulsive reading and another excellent addition to this great series. 5* ride all the way!



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