James Cox3

TITLE: Chaos Unchained
AUTHOR: James Cox
PUBLISHER: Evernight Publishing
PRICE: $ 3,89 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 86 pages
RELEASE DATE: February 18th


BLURB: What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws?

I’m Chaos, patch member of Outlaw MC of Mars. We fight against the government’s warped rules under the guise of hover bike enthusiasts. Gays are put to death. Women are used for breeding. Dark-skinned men are considered slaves. I told you our world is messed up and the battle is going to be bloody. I’m currently on my way to Earth for a six-month prison sentence. Level six is for sex, a twisted buffet of ass and mouth. Level five is for the fights. That’s where I shine.

Beau is a sexy Hispanic man that’s too goofy to play with the big boys. He was loaned to me for some quick, naked fun. But it turned into something else. I don’t do relationships because of my past. My father was a serial killer. But it seems that now, I have a boyfriend. It’s complicated.

Beau is released from prison before me. Can I survive three months without his calming touch? Will he survive on Mars amid my dangerous and violent club without me?


lorraineI love The Cox books, they make me happy and leave a smile on my face, but I’m always wary when a author starts a new series – will I like it? what if I don’t?. The “what if I don’t” doesn’t apply here – I loved it! I started reading it and didn’t put it down until I had finished. The storyline is unique and interesting – Earth as we know it, no longer exists. It’s a penal colony for the convicted. “Chaos” has been convicted, his crime? drinking alcohol! Oh yes, the world has certainly changed. Not only is alcohol illegal, we now have slavery, women are a commodity used for breeding and homosexuality? a death sentence! Chaos is loyal to his MC and they intend to cause as much mayhem as possible to bring down the current Government and their stupid laws (Mick Jagger’s “Anarchy is the only slight glimmer of hope” springs to mind). Now I don’t want to give too much away, but as Chaos starts his sentence, he meets “Beau”, their is something about that man that brings all Chaos protective instincts to the surface – he will be his, he will protect him and no one touches him except Chaos (another saying that springs to mind is “Bikers don’t leak oil, they mark their territory” – take it from me, Beau was truly marked!). An amazing start to this new series and I can’t wait to read book 2 which I believe is being released next month. 5* ride all the way!



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