knave of broken heart

TITLE: Knave of Broken Hearts
AUTHOR: Tara Lain
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PRICE: $ 6,99 e-book on Dreamspinner Press Store
LENGHT: 222 pages
RELEASE DATE: August 3st


BLURB: Jim Carney has a full time job—running from himself. Since he walked out on his wealthy family at sixteen because he’d wrecked his best friend’s life over some yaoi graphic novels, Jim has lived a macho, blue-collar existence of too much booze and too little responsibility. Then Billy Ballew, the man Jim most admires, gives Jim a chance to come through as his construction supervisor. For once, Jim is determined to make someone proud. Then Jim goes in for a physical for his new job, and his yaoi dream comes to life in the form of cardiologist Ken Tanaka. Jim discovers he has two heart problems—a wonky mitral valve and a serious attraction to his doctor. But Ken is a major player, and Jim might be just a notch on the doc’s stethoscope. To Ken, Jim is unforgettable—but the living embodiment of his traditional family’s worst nightmares. How come the minute Jim decides to be responsible, he finds himself taking care of his kid brother, getting a proposal from a wealthy woman, making a deal with the devil, and winding up in the hospital—when all he really wants is the Knave of Broken Hearts?



FedericaThis is the second of the Laguna series. Don’t worry if you have not read the first book of this amazing series, it can be read very successfully as a stand alone, but be warned, you are going to want to read book 1!
I was convinced the second book of the series would be about Ru, but when I discovered it was about Jim, I certainly wasn’t disapponted.
The MCs are a bit different from the first book, Billy and Chaz were estremely positive characters, but Jim and Ken are maybe more complex?
Jim Carney is a co-worker of Billy, but his life is a mess. He left home at sixteen, he doesn’t have a succesfull love life and his life in general is a little bit chaotic. He drinks too much, he’s not an alcoholic by any means, but he doesn’t have faith in himself.
When Billy leaves for his honeymoon he ask Jim to cover for him.
At first, he is shocked, but he doesn’t want to disappoint Billy, so he knows he has to change.
He usually dates woman, and at sixteen he sort of had a relationship with a school friend.
He has a secret passion for Yaoi (Japanese genre focusing on romantic/sexual relations) and when he meets Ken, it’s like all his fantasy have became real.
Ken Tanaka is a doctor, very handsome and has a easygoing lifestyle. He is Japanese and because of this, his family want him to find a wife….or an husband.
They meet at Billy and Chaz wedding but then they reconnect again some days later, when Jim discover he has some heart issues.
The attraction is undeniable but Jim can’t act on it, he is supposed to be straight, and Ken is a player, so he can’t be interested.
Then his brother, Ian, was thrown out of the family home, because his father discover he is gay.
With this, It should be easier for him to face his true nature, with Billy’s example and with Ian’s support, but he can’t act on it.
Because of work he meets Constance Murch, the owner of the building where Billy’s company is working and he pretends to be interested – she is a wonderful woman, but she is a woman!
Jim’s father reappear in his life and blackmails him, everything became too much and…..sorry, but I don’t do spoilers! You are going to have to read it yourselves.
The MCs are very well written and I love Ken, I never got the impression he was a player, he is a good Japanese son who tries to please his mother, he isn’t a negative character at all. Jim was a little bit too undecided for my taste. They struggle for the whole book and then, it’s Constance who restore the balance. She is the real surprise of the book. At the beginnig I didn’t like her, because she was unaware of what was between Jim and Ken, but at the end of the book I really liked her, like Ian says to Jim “ For a gay man, you sure attract great women”.
I also really liked Ian, he is a strong and positive guy and I hope to read his story in the future.
We were given some great positive characters and the baddies? they were bad, but made interesting reading.
I like Tara Lain styles and this series is really very good, don’t miss it.

quattro e mezzo

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reviewing this ARC. My review was an honest opinion of the book***


3 thoughts on “REVIEW: “KNAVE OF BROKEN HEARTS” by Tara Lain

  1. taralain 07/31/2015 / 9:05 PM

    Thank you so much fro reading Knave of Broken Hearts. I’m happy dancing over your wonderful review!! : )

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