copertina presentazione inglese blog

Today is a very special day for us @Three Books Over The Rainbow and we wanted not only to share out exciting news, but to say “hello” to all our Author friends and readers who have supported us so far.
It was less than a month ago that we started our new venture and we have to say that it’s been an amazing month for us snd it’s going to get even better!
From today, we are going “International”!
So what does that mean for our Authors and readers? basically, you will find our reviews not only in English but also French (www.troislivressurlarenciel.wordpress.com) and German (www.dreibuecherueberdemregenbogen.wordpress.com)!
Of course our Italian Blog (www.trelibrisoprailcielo.wordpress.com) is still going strong, so please remember to check that one out too.
We would like to wish our new French and German Blog and of course our new reviewers, every success for the future and we would love you to follow us on Facebook as well as our Blogs.
Thank you.






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