HOW WE SEE… “WHAT YOU ARE” by Erin E. Keller

what you are cover

TITLE: What you are
ORIGINAL TITLE: Eri come sei
AUTHOR: Erin E. Keller
COVER ARTIST: Written Ink Design
GENRE: Contemporary
PRICE: $ 5,93 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 148 pages
RELEASE DATE: February 8th, 2015


BLURB:Alex walks down the road of his life, apparently without any detours. He has a job, friends, a nice apartment and a girlfriend who meets his needs. A smooth life lived on a smooth road.
But when Daniel shows up at his door, Alex meets the first bump in road — which turns out to be more like a boulder — in his way.
Daniel is a gorgeous, warm, affectionate man, one who will force Alex to deal with something that happened years ago, something that made him take the safe route through life. With Daniel, he finally realizes that he’d shut down his true self, he begins the most difficult part of his journey — the one that could take him to Daniel and to happiness.

lorraineI spent a very enjoyable afternoon reading this book, I went in blind, not knowing what to expect, but seeing the sunshine when I had finished.
If you judge Alex from purely the outside, you would see maybe a young, grumpy, good-looking man and maybe a homophobic asshole! If however, you looked inside, you would see a young, good looking man who had been hurt deeply by someone he thought a friend and therefore his defenders are up – let people/friends think what they will!
Daniel on the other hand is the complete opposite, he’s a schoolteacher, out and really a nice person. He needs somewhere to stay and ends up at Alex’s apartment that his shares with his two friends. He and Alex clash right from the start, Daniel doesn’t need a homophobic roommate, especially someone he is attracted to! He decides to move out. For some reason, Alex doesn’t like this idea, he wants him to stay but doesn’t really know why this is important to him.
The author treated us to a storyline with good word building, to deliver a love story between two men who had a rocky start, turning to friendship and ultimately love. I enjoyed it.
The line “feelings have no gender, right?” was an inspirational line and highlights her talents as an author. Another favourite line for me was “You’re our best friend and you’re an awesome person, so be who you are, nothing more and nothing less”. Together Alex and Daniel were awesome!

infinito 4

**** I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reviewing this ARC. My comments were my own opinions of the book ****

what you are

Daniel put the phone in his pocket just when it started to vibrate again. He looked at the display and raised his eyebrows.
“Alex?” he answered with a questioning tone.
“Where the hell are you?” Alex’s voice was drawling and low, so low it made Daniel shiver. He blinked, struggling to accept Alex was calling him. Why would he do something like that?
“I’m here, just outside, actually,” he muttered in embarrassment.
“Then come up,” Alex said, cutting off the communication.
Come up?
Daniel obeyed, although it was absurd. No, it was way more than absurd, but he was a bit drunk and he could still feel Alex’s arms around his body so no one could accuse him if he was doing something potentially stupid, right?
The apartment looked like a battlefield again, and he saw Alex on the couch holding a bottle of beer. Alone.
“Why did you run away? Is Matt waiting for you?” Alex asked without looking at Daniel, playing with the bottle in his hands.
Daniel took a few steps and moved in front of him, looking down at Alex.
“No,” he replied, frowning. “But honestly I thought you were here with Kate.”
“And what made you think that, genius?” Alex asked bitterly.
“Maybe because you fuck her?”
Okay, Daniel didn’t mean to be harsh, but suddenly it was hard to pretend not to be upset with everything that happened—and apparently was still happening—between him and Alex. His heart pounded in his chest and his hands were sweaty.
Alex finally looked up and stared at Daniel with cloudy eyes before shaking his head against the back of the couch. “Ed. Fuck-ed.”
Daniel wasn’t sure what Alex was trying to tell him, if he was trying to tell him something.
“Well, I didn’t know that. We haven’t talked a lot recently.” Daniel shrugged. “By the way, I’m sorry to hear that.”
Daniel narrowed his eyes. “Did you call me and did you make me come up here just to be an asshole? Because if that’s the case, I can go away again, you know?”
“No,” Alex simply replied, looking at him again, staring at him, burning a hole right through him, and—dammit!—his eyes were magnetic and Daniel was losing himself inside them. “I’m sorry, it’s just…I didn’t think you’d run away from me,” Alex whispered with a sigh.
Daniel wanted to scream to the world to stop and let him get off because everything was spinning and twisting and turning too fast, and he wasn’t sure he was ready to take that path with this Alex—too drunk and breathtaking—who, above all, was saying things as dangerous as a leak from a nuclear reactor.


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