Interview to James Cox: “I’m all about the pleasure”


We at Threebooksovertherainbow love James Cox and his books. When he agreed to take time off from his busy writing schedule, we were ecstatic, especially me, as I was the “Chosen One” to talk to him.
I wanted to appear professional and efficient, but talking to someone who doesn’t wear pants (yes, it’s all true) was hard! (no pun intended). So as to not get distracted from my task, I decided to keep my eyes level with his, but have you seen those eyes? So I dipped mine. BIG MISTAKE!
This is what I eventually managed to ask him .


3Books:  Where do you get, shall we say “unique” ideas for your books from?
James: My brain is a scary, wondrous, naked place. Lol. Things just pop into my head. Most of them I can’t say aloud, so I write ‘em down.

3Books: How much of “James Cox” is in your books?
James: Every book has a dose of me. Most of them I have to clean up with a tissue before I send the story to my editor. But hey, that’s just me. *G*

3Books: Is it true that women and men throw their underwear at you?
James: Ha! That would be an interesting day. So far, no one has yet to throw anything sexy at me. I’ve received fantastic emails and posts about my books. A few naked pictures and an occasional idiot asking how big my dick is. I always answer 12 inches and then block them. *G* But my hands are open so…

3Books: What are you working on at the moment?
James: I just finished up with the edits for Break Me. It’s the last story in the Outlaw MC Series. This is Liam’s story. The one that I’ve been getting emails about. When’s it coming out? Is Liam going to live? What’s going to happen with Outlaw and the Prospect? Quite a lot of emails, actually and I love hearing how much you like my characters! It’s edited and it will be out soon! Tentative date is end of August/beginning of September. And I’m not that cruel, Liam is going to survive but how badly damaged? That, I’m not going to tell you. *W*

3Books: Which of your book characters is the most like you in real life?
James: Whichever one is horny, oh wait, that’s all of them. lol. I like to add a little of me on each character. Yeah, that sounded dirty even in my head. Honestly, I think I put a very heavy pinch of myself into Glenton from Lay Me Down to Sleep. He is so much like me when I first came out. Unsure, kind of scared, excited, and angry at the world. Each secret kiss in that story made me pleased and gloomy at the same time. Ah, memories. It’s why I prefer porn. *W*

3Books: What is your guilty pleasure?
James: That’s kind of a given. I’m all about the pleasure. *G*

3Books: If you were granted 3 wishes, what would they be?
James: They wouldn’t actually be for me. Okay, one would be. Health for me, friends, family. The other two…would be for some sort of peace. Cheesy, I know but I really would wish for it. I’m tired of watching all the violence on the news. I’m tired of hearing about animals being abused. So much hate, it’s overwhelming. I wish humans learned from our past and worked toward a better future.

3Books: Can you tell us what is the first thing in your mind, right now!?
James: I’m thinking about… where the hell is my soul mate right now? Man or woman, since I like both. I’m sitting in my apartment, getting ready to write and it’d be nice to have a naked interruption.

3Books: Top or bottom?
James: Top. I like giving orders and taking control. *W*

3Books:  If you had the chance for one of your books to be made into a film, which one would you choose and why?
James: This is an awesome question! Let’s see. I think it’d be a tie between two. Lay Me Down to Sleep, which is a personal favorite of mine. It has much more of me in the character of Glenton. Or it would be, Quietly Into The Night. That book is one of my biggest sellers and honestly, I loved writing it.

lay me down    Quietly Into The Night


I hope you enjoyed the view, Lorraine. The interview was a lot of fun. Thank you for having me! And…have you seen where I threw my pants?

I thanked James and made a hasty retreat before he realised that his lost “pants” we’re tucked away neatly in my bag! A Reviewer has to have some perks!

 Here you can find all James Cox’ books:


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