TITLE: A littlebit of Joy
AUTHOR: Mathew Ortiz
PUBLISHER: Self published
GENRE: Contemporary
SERIE: Renovating Love, book #1
PRICE: $ 3,24 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 105 pages
RELEASE DATE: January  17th, 2013


BLURB: Dell Meriwether thought you only got one great love in you life. After losing his partner in a horrible accident, he decided to start over again in Atlanta, Georgia. So far, so good. New job: Check. Great circle of friends: Check. New love in his life: Not so much.
Then one day a black haired, black eyed bundle of energy entered his life and he knew nothing was ever going to be simple or sane again.
Wyatt Billiones was exhausted. A demanding mother and a girlfriend pushing for a ring took up what little time he had when not at work. Meeting a tall, dark man with beautiful blue eyes turned his world upside down and all he wanted to do was kiss him!
Which made no sense since Wyatt was straight….right?
The road to love is never smooth. But seriously, did it have to have so many potholes


lorraineRead my first Mathew Ortiz over the weekend and fell in love with his style of writing, he has this marvellous ability of drawing his readers into his stories, so much so, that you feel a part of his fictional family. The characters feel so real life that I’m sure he must loosely base (or not in some cases) on people that he knows or met?, in his life’s journey.
Being new to his books, I randomly picked my first book The Butcher, the Baker, the Custom Bike Maker and then followed on with this one, as it caught my eye, not realising that his characters are all interconnected in the books, not sure if that’s correct in all his stories? but I’m going to love finding out.
Dell lost his long-time lover in a tragic car accident and it’s taken a long time for him to come to terms with it, but he now realises that he is lonely and would love to share his life with someone again, he’s ready. Through a chance meeting, at the hospital where he works, he meets Wyatt. It feels like he’s been hit by a high-speed train, there is no way of stopping it and he’s not really sure if he wants to, even though it appears that Wyatt is straight…….
GFY is my favourite read and yet again, Mathew Ortiz delivered a fine story with a great supporting cast. Must admit that I noticed a couple of editing issues, but nothing to deter me from enjoying this delightful love story.
Mathew Ortiz, you are on my radar and I look forward to reading what else you have to offer.

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