TITLE: Unexpected Reunion
AUTHOR: Susan E. Scott
PUBLISHER: Self publishing
GENRE: Contemporary
PRICE: $ 3,36 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 87 pages
RELEASE DATE: June 17th, 2015


BLURB: Navy Seal Chance Walker’s last mission had been successful, but at a high price — a team member was killed and others, including Chance, had been injured. Now home on medical leave, Chance’s physical injuries were healing, but he’d been progressively withdrawing from everyone. At the suggestion of his doctor, Chance agrees to attend his high school reunion in the hopes of connecting with a happier time in his life. Chance had his doubts about whether it would help, but agreed to try.

Nick Stewart couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the man getting off the Harley in the driveway next door. Chance Walker. As a teenager, Chance had been his first big crush. Hell, he’d been his only crush. Ever. Nick never imagined he’d see him again and now, here he was — in person and still as gorgeous as ever. But, what good would that do him? After all, Chance was a Navy Seal and straight as an arrow.

When the two meet, it’s a reunion that neither man dreamed of. But will Chance keep his defenses up and walk away from Nick without looking back? And will Nick be able to let him go?

lorraineSimple storyline – beautifully executed, except for the ending – I needed more! Nick is 25, gay, confident in is sexuality and a successful businessman. He accepted a long time ago that his secret love (Chance) was never going to precipitate his desires. Due to a tragic incident whilst serving in the Seals, Chance is injured. A part of his recovery program is to connect again with people, so he heads back home. Imagine his surprise on arrival to find his once best friends brother, Nick, is not only his neighbour but has grown up – boy, has he grown! Things heat up really quickly between the two (the book is short, so it’s to be expected). The only cloud on their sunny horizon – Chance doesn’t do relationships, never has, never will! But of course he has never met anyone like grown-up Nick before – he’s cute, funny, very clever and certainly not forgettable. As I said, things get really hot between them (thought my kindle was going to go into overdrive with all the steaming heat) and then he gets a call – he’s recovered sufficiently to be recalled to active duty. Now this is where I thought the author missed a good opportunity – for me, it ended so abruptly. Yes, I got a sort-of happy ending that I expected (we are talking Susan Scott here and she always gives a HEA, that’s why I read her books) but I needed more! I needed to know when Chance finally realised that Nick was his, his man and that he wanted a relationship, not just f**k buddies but more……and I didn’t get it! It felt like the author was on a word count and had used up her allowance, so just ended it – surely one more page or so, wouldn’t have hurt? So I’m going to be a bit mean and knock off 0.5 stars, making it a 4.5* rating.


infinito 4 e mezzo


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