TITLE: New Orleans Hustle
AUTHOR: P.J. Nevada
PUBLISHER: Self Publishing
GENRE:  Contemporary Romance
LENGTH: 105 pages
RELEASE DATE: December 29th, 2014


BLURB: Meet Tristan, owner of a gay bar in New Orleans, trying to balance his love life with the issues of a running a popular bar. Having to deal with local police, street walkers and problematic employees, Tristan’s hectic and steamy life seems to be out of control sometimes. But with a little voodoo influence, his life may either explode or truly find the best love ever in this romantic erotic tale!


lorraineNow this I liked, it was really easy to read and that made such a refreshing change.
The Author’s development of the characters was well thought out and drew me in immediately. Being a Brit, I don’t know a lot about New Orleans as such, but his descriptive use of words made me feel very much at home as I soaked up the atmosphere he created, it felt authentic and mysterious and now I would like to visit to see for myself.
Tristan is the Author’s main character, he owns a Gay Bar in the French Quarter and has worked hard to make it a success but now he would like something more than his normal “one night’s sensations”. His friends all have their own stories to tell, which added depth and a certain “family feel” about them, which really appealed to me, especially Miss Magnolia, with her “Vouden” Voodoo beliefs, large brimmed straw hat and her liking for rum laced tea! They had met when Tristan was only 15 and she predicted that he was “lost” but would discover his own path to travel. She also gave him a special mirror – that I thought was a nice touch on PJ’s part and really quite clever. Even as the years passed, she still keeps an eye on him, reminding all the time of the True Path. Of course, this being a romance, Tristan does meet someone and this is where the book suddenly took on a whole new vibe. Now I don’t do spoilers, but something happens, totally out-of-the-blue, it wasn’t expected and I certainly never saw that one coming! I re-read, looking for clues, did I miss something? Nope!   The Author kept his cards very close to his chest and played his Ace card, everything happened at once, I was so unprepared, that you could have knocked me over with a feather! I love being taken by surprise and this Author certainly did that!
Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable read, I liked all the characters, though I have to say that the scene in the alleyway with Nolan, didn’t add any value to the storyline in my opinion, it just made Tristan out to be a “user” – others may read it and find differently? The underlying Voodooism running through the book was entertaining and interesting and certainly added strength to the storyline. The Author’s sense of humour in naming the bar “Voodoo Doll’s” (V.D.’s for a gay bar???) was inspirational and very funny and let’s not forget the sex scenes – definitely won’t forget them, they were hot and very realistic. Will definitely be checking out more from this Author – recommended.

infinito 4



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