REVIEW: “ONE MORE TIME” by Caitlin Ricci


TITLE: One More Time
AUTHOR: Caitlin Ricci
PUBLISHER: Dreampsinner Press
GENRE:  Contemporary Romance
COVER ARTIST: Caitlin Ricci
PRICE: $ 7,02 on Amazon
LENGTH: 181 pages
RELEASE DATE: Spetember  21, 2015


BLURB: Wanting to start over after breaking off a relationship with his married boss, Caleb Robinson is happy to move from Los Angeles to Thornwood, Colorado. He can barely find the town on a map, which is just the kind of place Caleb needs. He’s not looking for a relationship, and Thornwood looks to be the perfect place to get lost in his art. But when Thornwood’s local police officer, Trent Williams, knocks on Caleb’s front door, both men have an instant attraction to each other, and Caleb’s plans for solitude might have to change.

But he soon learns that Trent is a legendary one-night-stand man for a very special reason. His boyfriend has been kept on life support for the past five years after a serious skiing accident. Even though Simon isn’t expected to wake up and Trent says he’s trying to get past him, he won’t entertain anything that comes close to commitment. As compelling as their attraction is, Caleb doesn’t want to be just another hook-up, and he won’t be the other man. But Trent isn’t sure he can risk the pain of losing someone else he cares about, no matter how intense the chemistry between him and Caleb.


11910609_10200825378993082_554788686_nOne More Time is a story about loss, heartbreak, friendship, lust/love and second chances.

One of the wonders of being human is the different reactions we give and get in different situations. When we experience loss, hurt or heartbreak in our lives/love lives, some of us just become a recluse for a while, staying away from potential hurt again, swearing to stay single not looking for a new partner again, but still hoping to find our desired happily ever after if/when it’s meant to be, we still want a relationship. Others react to their hurt by closing their hearts to everyone else while opening their bodies to all possibilities, having nameless one night stands with whoever is available but never going for seconds, deciding never to have anything emotional with a partner. This story tells what happens when two men from these two opposite groups meet and feel instant, undeniable attraction towards each other. The writing is great, the characters interesting, sometimes really annoying though… There are certainly characteristics we associate with men and women. Of course this is all wrong, but this is how we are brought up. If we are lucky and open minded enough we realize there’s no male or female behavior, there is only HUMAN one. Caleb’s behavior was a little too much for me sometimes, although I can absolutely see where he’s coming from.

Trent and Caleb become friends and try to deal with each other’s past and present the best possible way. My favorite part of the author’s writing is the way she reflects the MCs emotions in the sex scenes. Some are probably the most sizzling hot I’ve ever read, some are truly awkward, some outright weird, some loving, showing the different stages of their relationship. Their journey is a bumpy one, but certainly worth the effort.

infinito 4
****I would like to thank the Author and the Publisher for the opportunity and privilege of reading this ARC. My review was an honest opinion of the book****



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