TITLE: Truth and Consequences
AUTHOR: Sarah Madison
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary
COVER ARTIST: Paul Richmond
SERIES: Sixth Sense #3
PRICE: $ 7,09 on Amazon
LENGTH: 256 pages
RELEASE DATE: October 14, 2015

BLURB: When FBI agent Jerry Lee Parker wakes from a coma after a murderous attack on his life, he has no memory of his immediate past. In the blink of an eye, he has gone from having a nearly photographic memory to recalling nothing of the last six months of his life, including his partner and lover, John Flynn. While Lee tries to reboot his past and reconnect with John, there are events at play around him he doesn’t understand. John is keeping secrets from him, secrets that could get them both killed.

Matters come to a head when Lee is hounded to turn over a mysterious artifact, of which he has no knowledge. The two men wind up in a fight for their lives as they risk everything to keep the powerful relic out of the hands of a ruthless killer. In order to protect those he loves, however, John may be forced to make a deal with the devil.


When I opened my eyes and squinted into the sun, John adjusted the blinds slightly, so the eye-tearing glare didn’t hit me square in the face.

He presented a very nice image, silhouetted against the glass. Barefoot, wearing nothing but his jeans, he glanced over his shoulder from where he was leaning against the window frame. His hair was appropriately bedhead messy for once, and he looked more relaxed than I’d seen him in a while.

As though my thought permeated the air, he let go of the blind and turned to face me.

“We need to talk.” He folded his arms across his chest.

So much for relaxation.

I pulled one of the many pillows closer to me, stuffed it under my cheek, and closed my eyes. “Can it wait until after breakfast? I burned up a fair amount of calories last night.”

I heard his soft snort. “You and me both. Dinner seems like it was a long time ago.”

I lifted one eyelid. His half smile was already fading. With a groan, I rolled onto my back and punched up the pillows behind me. “Fine,” I said. “We’ll talk.”

“Are you sure?” His voice was teasing, but he didn’t move from the window.

“Well, I do need to alert the media that John Flynn wants to have a serious discussion. That might take a little time. No one will believe me.”

His eyes narrowed. “I thought you had amnesia. That you didn’t remember anything about us. So how is it you know I’m not big on sharing?”

“Trained investigator.” I echoed his comment from the bar the night before. “Besides, you just confirmed my hypothesis.” I was smug. Very smug.

I was forced to eat my words (or at least a pillow) as John sprang onto the bed and wrestled me into taking them back. It was a relief to be manhandled by him, to be honest. I’d harbored a faint worry that our relationship might have changed for the worse by me coming on too strong the night before. The last thing I wanted was John Flynn fawning over my boots, licking my feet like a whipped puppy. Okay, maybe the foot-licking part wouldn’t be so bad.

“Funny man,” he said, pinning me down with my right wrist over my head. We both tacitly ignored the fact I could have clobbered him with my cast if I really wanted him off me—which I didn’t. He straddled my body, and my cock developed some interesting ideas that suggested breakfast could wait. “Don’t quit your day job.”

“I have no intention of quitting.” Whether I’d get cleared to go back to work was a nagging doubt I chose to ignore. “You couldn’t get by without me.”

That brought a genuine smile to his face—Smile Number Five—the one that made him look like a complete dork. His eyes narrowed briefly, and he bent down to brush my lips with a kiss. “You’re right about that much, at least,” he murmured.

His gentleness was unexpected. Perhaps we needed a repeat performance of the night before. Every night, in fact. He rested on top of me, staring down into my eyes for a long moment. Then he heaved a sigh and rolled to one side. I propped myself up on one elbow and watched him push a hand through his hair.

“What?” I frowned. He looked serious.

“This. Us. We need to have a serious talk here.” The echo of my thoughts was downright creepy.

“That.” He pointed at me as though I’d said something, his eyebrows disappearing under the heavy fringe of his hair. “That’s what I’m talking about.”

“Though you are largely using words of one syllable, you’re making no sense, whatsoever. Hold that thought, though. I have to pee.” I pushed him farther aside so I could toss back the covers and ooze out of bed, rotating my injured shoulder as I did. I wasn’t in as rough shape as I thought I’d be, given the athletic nature of our evening activities. There was something to be said for the healing properties of cock after all.

John sat back on his heels on the mattress and tilted his head alertly to one side.

“What?” I asked again.

He got to his feet, snatched his shirt off the nearby chair, and slid it on. “Someone’s coming.”

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Meet Sarah Madison:

Sarah Madison is a veterinarian with a big dog, an even bigger horse, too many cats, and a very patient boyfriend. She is a terrible cook, and concedes that her life would be easier if Purina made People Chow. She writes because it is cheaper than therapy.

Where to find Sarah Madison:

Facebook Author Page:!/pages/Sarah-Madison-Author/106445646104338

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Tour Dates & Stops:
14-Oct, The Blogger Girls, MM Good Book Reviews
15-Oct: Jessie : Vampires, Werewolves, and Fairies, Oh MyG. Books, Divine Magazine, Lee Brazil
16-Oct: Iyana Jenna, Three Books Over The Rainbow, KathyMac Reviews
19-Oct: Kimi-Chan, Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words
20-Oct: Wicked Faerie’s Tales and Reviews, The Fuzzy, Fluffy World of Chris T. Kat, Emotion in Motion, Book Reviews, Rants, and Raves
21-Oct: Full Moon Dreaming, Happily Ever Chapter
22-Oct: The Hat Party, Bayou Book Junkie
23-Oct: Hearts on Fire, Love Bytes, My Fiction Nook
26-Oct: BFD Book Blog
27-Oct: Molly Lolly, Inked Rainbow Reads, Elisa – My Reviews and Ramblings

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