REVIEW: “HUSBANDS” by Brigham Vaughn


TITLE: Husbands
AUTHOR: Brigham Vaughn
PUBLISHER: Self Publisher
GENRE: Romance
SERIES: Equals series
PRICE: $ 5.27 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 130 pages
RELEASE DATE: April 24th, 2014

BLURB: Russ is ready to make a lifelong commitment to his partner. That means marriage to him, but Stephen grew up believing that was out of the question. With marriage equality still not recognized in Georgia, Stephen is only concerned about the legal protection available to them. Someone from Stephen’s past reappears and drives a wedge between them as Russ and Stephen struggle to agree on their future. Russ tries to understand Stephen’s complex feelings about marriage, but the differences in their background stresses the relationship further. Can the relationship they’ve built overcome the issues they face?

This is the last book of “Equals” series. In this beautiful series we saw Russ & Stephen fall in love, Stephen say goodbye to his painful past with the death of his father and a new family built of Russ’ father Alan and Russ’s sister, so what is missing?

Well, Russ feels he has to have a closure with his mother. After everything that has happened, he wants to understand why she left two children and never came back. Maybe what he finds out is not what he expected it to be, but finally, he can let go.

In my review of the third book, I stated how much I liked Alan (Russ’s father). This book confirmed that I was right in that judgement, once again he showed what a wonderful father he was, he did whatever he had too, he did all this for the sake of his children. Okay, he wasn’t perfect and made mistakes, but who hasn’t? But we were left knowing that he truly loved them.

And there’s still one last thing……..he wants to marry his Stephen. He can’t think of anything else, he knows how strong their love is and is so sure that it is the right way to go, but…….he never expected Stephen to utter the word “no” or better, “I’m going to think about it” – to Russ it’s all the same!

At this stage, I really wanted to strangle Stephen and my heart bled for Russ.

In the meantime Stephen meet Jeremy again, they end up talking a lot about their past’s when they were together. For a moment I was very worried, I was afraid that something happened but Jeremy was not what I was expecting. He is a strong guy and has real friendship feelings for Stephen, he explains that what happened in the past, wasn’t his fault and now was the time to move on.

Stephen is deeply in love with Russ, he has no doubt of that, but he feels old, too old for Russ.   He doesn’t want Russ to be forced to care for him when he gets older.

It’s all very emotional reading, yes, you can get mad at Stephen but I really liked how the story flows and mostly, how this beautiful series ended.

It’s not easy to leave these guys, you are entrenched in their lives, it was such a wondrous journey, you felt it could go on forever but of course, everything has to have an ending.

If you haven’t already read this series, you have to do it, absolutely!

I can’t wait for the spin off of this series about Jeremy and Evan, I’m sure they are planning a lot of surprises for us already.

infinito 5e

****I would like to thank the author for the opportunity and privilege of reviewing this ARC. My opinions of this book, were entirely my own.****


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