sunrise in the afternoon

TITLE: Sunrise in the afternoon
AUTHOR: P.J. Nevada
PUBLISHER: Self Publishing
GENRE: Contemporary romance
PRICE: $ 3,29 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 103 pages
RELEASE DATE: October 23rd, 2015


BLURB: Nick Esposito, divorced, and Charlie Tanner, a widower, are two hot guys already in their mid thirties, and now single. They never thought they were really into guys; they were just curious once or twice. But then they found each other, after a couple of chance meetings over the years. Now, however, they find themselves thinking about each other a lot, and enjoy being in each other’s company. They and their children are spending time together, and everything feels perfect, until they begin to have feelings for each other. The problem is that they are straight, or are they? They both have young children who see exactly what is going on, which puts a bright spotlight on the situation. Can Nick and Charlie deal with their new reality? Can they begin their lives anew, this late in the game, and follow their hearts?

lorrainePJ Nevada certainly bought the sunshine into my house on the cold and damp Sunday afternoon that I read this book, it left me with a certain nice, warm glow that reminded me that sometimes the best stories are the simple ones that leave a lasting impression.

Firstly, I must mention the amazing cover, it was perfect for the book – it told the readers exactly what was awaiting them inside – well done Author, an inspirational choice.

I love GFY books, double GFY even better! But this is not a GFY stereotype storyline, both Nick and Charlie had thought about other men before both settling down to married life. Through one tragic circumstance and one more of a celebration than a tragedy, both men find themselves alone and bringing up their children. They were like ships passing in the night when younger, both meeting but circumstances taking them in different directions, now they are in the same town, both single and their children becoming the best of friends.

Can these two, work committed men, who have so much love to give not only to their children, but also to the right person, get past obstacles that seem so insurmountable, but easily conquered if they get it right? Read and find out.

I loved the pace the Author set, the clarity and simplicity of this romantic and sexy storyline was a pleasure to read, it flowed smoothly and kept me engaged throughout. There is no doubt that he knows how to write emotional but lust filled sex scenes.

So why only 4.5*? Hmmmmm….I don’t want to do a spoiler here, so I have to be very careful what I say, so let’s just say, that I thought the Author overplayed his hand slightly in regards to Ethan. Yes, he was an integral part of the plot and I did like him, I understood why PJ took us down the Ethan route the first time, but……again, read the book and see what you think?

Finally, I have to mention the ending, I loved it! PJ showed us just what a true romantic he is and of course, it left an opening for a follow up book- how these two men take their relationship to the next level, how the community around them perceives them and of course, their wonderful children, who added so much depth to this story. So please Author, think about this – think hard!

4.5 sunny stars from me.

infinito 4 e mezzo

****I would like to thank the author for the opportunity and privilege of reviewing this ARC. My opinions of this book, were entirely my own.****


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