Something the way he needs

TITLE: Something in the way he needs
AUTHOR: Cardeno C.
PUBLISHER: The Romance Authors
GENRE: Contemporary romance
SERIES: Family book 1 – 2nd edition
PRICE: $ 4.85 on Amazon
LENGTH: 232 pages
RELEASE DATE: July 15th 2015


BLURB: Controlled Asher didn’t expect to fall for free-spirited Daniel, but they’ll find what they desperately need in one another.

Police captain Asher Penaz’s staunch professionalism bleeds into his home life, down to his neatly pressed attire and spartan apartment. He enjoys being in charge and in control, so his sudden and powerful attraction to the lighthearted, free-spirited Daniel Tover throws him for a loop. In his entire life, Daniel has never gotten what he needs, so he moves to the next place, the next job, the next attempt to find something worth staying for, always landing at the top of his game, but never feeling like he belongs.

The chemistry between Asher and Daniel sizzles, but with all that fire comes the risk of getting burned. As both men struggle to learn themselves while getting to know each other, the lines of desire and control blur. If Daniel and Asher can walk through the flames together, they might find what they desperately need.


lorraineMy heart is now one big gooey mess – thank you Asher Penaz for doing that to me – I loved you, then I hated you and then I fell in love with you all over again, you took me on this amazing journey and I sat, as a passenger, totally enthralled. You drove me nuts at times with your passion filled jealousies, I hated you when you went back to the Club that night and then, as I have already said, you made me fall back in love with you all over again. I got you Asher! I didn’t agree with the decision you made – you really can be a ass at times – but I got where you were coming from.
Daniel Tover, I loved you from the absolute beginning, I knew you were special, so many wonderful layers hidden in the depths of that tattered, baggy clothing you loved to wear. When you started to let Asher remove those layers, my goosebumps of anticipation rose to the surface, you never disappointed me, only amazed me with your unique outlook on life and your achievements – and yes, their were so many.
The storyline reminded me of David and Goliath. Small, beautiful Daniel slaying (with his love), the big, badass, hugh police captain, Asher. Asher never saw the arrow of love coming to pierce his heart, his own arrogance blinding him, but it came and hit balls-eye, Asher fell, slain in the name of love!
I loved this book, the way Cardeno C draws the readers into characters lives, is truly remarkable – they become so real. This is the first book of the new series “Families”. A magnificent start and further books are going to find that this is a hard act to follow, but I for one, can’t wait to read them.
Five massive, in charge and control stars from me.

infinito 5e

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reviewing this ARC. My review was an honest opinion of the book***


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