REVIEW: “CONNECTION” by Brigham Vaughn


TITLE: Connection
AUTHOR: Brigham Vaughn
PUBLISHER: Brigham Vaughn
GENRE: Romance
SERIES: Equals series spin-off – book 1
PRICE: $ 5,27 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 189 pages
RELEASE DATE: October 15th, 2015

BLURB: After a lifetime of being told he’s worthless, shy, sheltered Evan Harris is forced out of the closet and kicked out of his home. Friends in Atlanta give him a place to stay while he gets on his feet, but despite his eagerness to explore the city, it isn’t exactly what he expected. Physically and emotionally scarred from a devastating car accident, Jeremy Lewis struggles to reconcile the brash, outgoing man he used to be with the social recluse he’s become. Loneliness draws them to each other, but a strong mutual attraction isn’t enough to overcome their pasts. In order to be together, Evan must discover his own worth and Jeremy must trust someone to see past his scars.


This story was an absolute delight to read.

This is the first book in a new series, but if you loved the Author’s “Equal” Series, you are going to be in heaven, because this is a spin-off from that series!

Now don’t worry if you haven’t read the Equal Series, the Author has done a fantastic job of covering everything, so you won’t feel “left out” and will understand everything, but I feel compelled to tell you, that after reading this, you are going to want to know how it all started! You have been warned!

We briefly met Evan in the second book of Equal series, that book focused on Russ and Stephen, so I’ve had to wait for Evan story, but it was worth the wait.

Evan’s parents have thrown him out of their house, so he calls Russ for help and they invite him to Atlanta for a new start.

Sure, Evan is frightened at the beginning, but he’s not weak. Despite his inexperience, he proves he is strong and courageous. He finds work, a place to live and begins to rebuild his life.

But of course he is lonely. He dreams of finding someone of his own, he wants what Russ and Stephen have – who wouldn’t want that?

He meets Jeremy (Stephen’s ex) and he likes him very much.

But Jeremy is broken and stubborn, he is strong and fragile all at the same time. He doesn’t think he will be good enough for someone, especially someone like Evan.

Sometimes I really wanted to shake Jeremy and yell at him “try, don’t waste this chance to be happy”

Evan wants Jeremy totally, but if it comes to it, he would take friendship rather than loose him. There is no sex till the end of the book, only a couple of kisses but the sensual tension is palpable and intense for the whole story. The author succeeded in giving us a whole prospective of the story.

There is no cliffhanger, this first book ends on a happy note, but there is so much still to figure out, that I really can’t wait to read the second book.

infinito 5e


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