TITLE: Easy evenings
AUTHOR: Mary Calmes
PUBLISHER: Dreampsinner Press
GENRE:  Contemporary
SERIES: Mangrove story book 4
E-BOOK: yes
PRICE: $ 3,99 e-book on Dreamspinner store
LENGTH: 77 pages
RELEASE DATE: 18th November 2015


BLURB: Lazlo Maguire doesn’t do relationships—he does transactions. Six months of the year, he’s an expensive rent boy in Manhattan, and he moves so fast that settling down could not, would not, ever enter his mind… except for once. Britton Lassiter he meets man to man, not as hustler and mark, and it’s too good to be true when the lawyer wants to keep Lazlo even if he has to share him with the job.

But Lazlo has his reasons to walk away from the man he’s grown to love. The other six months of the year, he is laid-back Laz, a shopkeeper in the sleepy coastal town of Mangrove, Florida, where the artist he never allows himself to be in the Big Apple shines through. He lives for his time by the ocean, the place he hides his secrets and nurses his broken heart.

Then fate intervenes, and Laz gets the surprise of his life when he spies Britton in Mangrove—but it’s not meant to be… not until Britton sees the change in him and wants to be a part of Laz’s new life so that every evening can be easy… together. Hopefully the secrets that tore them apart won’t come back to haunt them.


11910609_10200825378993082_554788686_nEasy Evenings is the newest installation of the Mangrove series. The two main characters are already familiar to readers of the previous books. We meet Britton in Quiet Nights when he moves to Mangrove and starts working as an attorney and we get to know he is Kelly’s one night stand from long ago. We get to meet Lazlo in Sultry Sunset and immediately feel intrigued by him. Although most of their background story is woven in the storyline of Easy Evenings, I think it’s best to read those books first, simply because they are fantastic!

From the very first line of this book we are in the middle of the story. Our MCs have already met, have already fallen in love, probably not knowing about each other’s feelings, and already broken up, when Lazlo moved back to Mangrove, leaving Britton in NYC. We get to know most of their story from flashbacks, and the plotline sometimes switches from the present to past events. The writing is amazing as always and we get an unexpected twist which will change Lazlo’s situation, opening up a whole range of new possibilities, giving a chance for them to reconcile their relationship. I enjoyed Britton and Lazlo’s interactions. They have great chemistry, and have some seriously hot scenes together.

Although I enjoyed this story as much as the others some parts were a little over the top for me. Lazlo’s family is a bit too much. I hope a mother like that really only exists in fiction… I also would have liked to read more about their past, how they formed that amazing bond they obviously share. I always feel this way about this series. I simply can’t get enough. This is another great addition to the Mangrove books. Highly recommended!

infinito 4

****I would like to thank the Author for the opportunity and privilege of reading this ARC. My review was an honest opinion of the book****


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