REVIEW: “TEMPTATION” by Shannon West & Victoria Sue


TITLE: Temptation
AUTHOR: Shannon West & Victoria Sue
PUBLISHER: Dark Hollows Press, LLC
GENRE: Paranormal
SERIES: Guardians of the Five Rubies # 1
PRICE: $ 4,99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 140 pages
RELEASE DATE: November 20th, 2015



Vampires are born, not made. Can one night change everything? At a nightclub called Temptations, Kaden, the Saak’da or future ruler of a race living on Earth secretly for generations, is trying to stop a massacre from happening. He’s had a tip that a small disgruntled faction of his people plan an attack that night that will result in a great loss of human life. Kaden is focused, disciplined, and determined to protect the humans who are ignorant to his people’s presence. But when he prevents a tragic accident from happening, one that would have been fatal to the little bus-boy, Matty, he sets a powerful force into motion. Kaden broke the rules about not interfering in human lives because one touch from Matty convinced him that Matty was his fated blood-angel, and that the bond between them would last for the rest of his very long life.

Matty can’t believe his good fortune when a sex-god like Kaden D’Marco wants to take him home. Matty is just a nobody, abandoned and abused as a child, bullied and picked on by his boss at the club. He washes dirty glasses for a living, and he’s never attracted the attention of a man like Kaden.

Kaden has waited a long time for his fated one, but can a man who feeds on human blood find happiness with someone who faints at the sight of it? Can he convince this scared young man to trade a taste of his blood for a love that will last a thousand years and bring him happiness and gifts that he can’t even imagine?


lorraineThere is no better feeling when you open a new book (especially when it’s a start to a new series like this one) and you know, within reading the first page, that you are going to love it – that was exactly how I felt!

I was drawn immediately into the new and mysterious world of the Saak’da, or for us mere human readers, The Guardians of the Five Rubies. They came a long, long time ago when their own planet ceased to exist and set up home, very secretly, here on Earth. Earth provided the tool they needed to survive…..blood!

The book is a romantic paranormal readers dream, it has everything you crave and more – sexy vampires, evil twin brother (or is he? my jury is still out on that one), a dying ruler, a purist uncle (a definite candidate for being the truly evil one) and wait for it……..a mpreg!!!

As I said, a readers dream book.

Vampires are born, not made, if they are lucky enough, they hear the “Blood Song”, the blood of their Ruask’aa (mate), it hums in their veins and calls to the vampire. Once mated, only the blood of their Ruask’aa can sustain them, no other blood will do. The Blood Song for the vampire is instantaneous love, but not for the human….love takes time!

And this brings me nicely to hot-pink-bikini-wearing-panties Matty! 5’4”of pure awesomeness – I loved him! The authors did well with his character, very well. He bought not only his awesomeness to the storyline but also humour, it was great to see the two authors showing off their skills by introducing the light humour scattered throughout the book.

“He’d just had sex with James Bond”

being one of my favourite Matty thoughts and there were so many more.

So many questions left unanswered, so much potential for future books and character development and what’s with Matty’s sister? something isn’t quite right there? and I can’t wait to read more – well done authors, a magnificent start to what’s going to be a phenomenal series!

Five glittering ruby red stars from me, or should that be five hot pink bikini panties stars?

infinito 5e


****I would like to thank the author for the opportunity and privilege of reviewing this ARC. My opinions of this book, were entirely my own.****


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