REVIEW: “OUT OF THE BLUES” by Mercy Celeste

out of the blues
TITLE: Out of the blues
AUTHOR: Mercy Celeste
GENRE:  Romance
E-BOOK: yes
PRICE: $ 3,93 e-book on Amazon
LENGTH: 219 pages
RELEASE DATE: 9th November 2015


BLURB: Whoever said you can’t go home again should change that to should not go home again. As in EVER! Mason Foxworth swore on his grandmother’s bible never to return to the small Georgia town he sort of grew up in. And for eight years he’d succeeded in keeping that promise. Until his twin sister decided she needed to get married…back home…and she’d invited their parents. Wasn’t this going to be a just a fabulous weekend? Since leaving the Marines, Kilby Adams rarely ever left his farm and now here he was in Georgia, as best man at his stepbrother’s wedding. Out of his comfort zone and with too many people that he doesn’t know Kilby has nothing to keep his mind off the past except the gorgeous brother of the bride. And wouldn’t you just know it, there was only one room left at the Inn and Kilby would have to share it, with Mason, who was straight and….yeah, this was going to be one hell of a weekend.



Wow… I truly missed me some Mercy… I missed getting my heart twisted a little, then some more, getting my senses filled with passion, then longing, then sorrow, then some hotness again, add some family secrets, some emotional baggage, then loads more and here we go…

Out of the Blue is an amazing, raw, emotional love story! If you are a Mercy fan you know what to expect… She delivers with her usual brilliance… If you are new to Mercy Celeste you will get amazing writing, intriguing plot, characters you will never forget and an emotional journey that will make you a fan for life.

Kilby and Mason have a chance meeting on the way to their siblings’ wedding before they get introduced to each other. Their attraction is mutual from the first moment. Their chemistry is crazy hot, the build-up is slow, sensual, and probably the hottest I’ve read for a long time. Both MCs have serious emotional baggage from their pasts, and Mason’s complicated family ties and relations add an extra layer to the mix.

The story is told from alternating first person point of views, and every chapter begins with a sentence summing up the following part and telling the reader who’s gonna talk next. This kind of writing is the most difficult to pull off but Mercy did an amazing job. Both voices get their distinguished language and style. Both characters are complex and layered and I fell in love with both of them, rooting for their well-deserved HEA.

The book is very intense, very emotional and both heartbreaking and heartwarming, so be prepared for a long night with some tissues. I couldn’t put it down. Great, great read! Highly recommended!


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