TITLE: The Imperfection of Swans
AUTHOR: Brandon Witt
COVER ARTIST: Paul Richmond
MODEL: Kevin Eksterowicz 
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE:  Contemporary
E-BOOK: yes
PRICE: $ 6,99 e-book on Dreamspinner store
LENGTH: 284 pages
RELEASE DATE: 18st January 2016


BLURB: Kevin Bivanti’s dream is to open a wedding dress shop, a place with the stunning gowns to make every bride-to-be feel adored. At thirty-eight, he quits a successful advertising career to buy an old brownstone in a trendy Boston neighborhood and to make his dream a reality. When one of his cosigners drops out, fate intervenes, ushering in Casper James, who hopes to open his own bakery. With Casper willing to take the risk, their ambitions meld into a wedding dress and wedding cake boutique.

Extensive renovations to the brownstone, an affair with his ex-husband, family drama with his mothers, and the anxiety of significant life changes push Kevin to the brink of a nervous breakdown. In the midst of stress and uncertainty, Casper becomes more than a business partner, a mutual attraction that adds another layer of intensity and risk.

With their dreams on the verge of reality, Kevin and Casper must find the courage to face the stress of managing their attraction, the gamble of a new business venture, and the resurgence of Kevin’s personal demons.



This is my first Brandon Witt book and I’m still trying to work out how I’ve missed him all these years? because I have to say, this book was wonderful!  So much so, it looks like I will be spending 2016 catching up with all his other books!

But let’s focus on this wonderful book for now.

Kevin’s life is not easy. It’s dictated by his anxiety problems and if that’s not bad enough, he also has an eating disorder.  He is a very good looking, but has problems accepting that fact and ends up with always finding fault with himself.  His eating disorder has him spending the whole day at a gym if he has anything more than a salad – I should also point out that he self vomits if he eats anything other than a salad.

Anything and everything can trigger a panic attack, so much so, he can’t live without Xanax.

His life has become a struggle and he’s finding it hard to cope.

Now at the age of 38, his dream of opening his own Wedding Dress Shop becomes a reality. With the help of his two mums, he finds the perfect location – it’s almost too good to be true.  His wonderful but nosy family, all help too and with the assistance of his “beautiful and perfect” ex-husband (he helps him with the loan) he buys a wonderful old Brownstone in a trendy Boston neighbourhood.

Casper on the other hand, is a very normal guy with a dream. His dream is to open his own bakery.

They meet just at the right time and they decide to became partners. Kevin will have his Wedding Dress Shop but will combine it with Casper’s Wedding Cake Bakery – the perfect business opportunity.

With all the renovations, his nosy big family and and the on/off relationship with his ex-husband, it could all become too much for Kevin, but Casper is there and is becoming more than just a business partner.

However, Casper believes that he is not the type that Kevin would find attractive – he’s not handsome like him or even Scott…….but he could be just what Kevin needs. This may sound really mean, but I really thought that if Kevin stopped always trying to measure up, he may have found the peace he was striving to find.

It was never going to be easy, every little change could always trigger a breakdown, but sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to enable you to climb up and achieve the things you want out of life.

This was a powerful storyline but the writing style was very fluent. Kevin’s disorders were treated with respect and sensitivity, even though we were shown the harsh realities of how distressing this condition can be.

This is not a fairytale of a knight in shining armour coming to the rescue, Kevin’s path was always going to be a long one. Defeating all his demon’s at once was always going to be pretty unachievable but it’s a story of hope, dreams, trust and healing.  It was truly wonderfully written.

The real power of this story though, comes from a real person – the wonderful guy on the front cover, it’s inspired this book, so I would like to thank the real Kevin and the author for turning this into a unforgettable storyline.

Highly reccomended!!


infinito 5e


**** The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.****



  1. brandonwittauthor 01/13/2016 / 4:57 PM

    Wow! Thank you so very much! It’s always terrifying when new books comes out. It helps to see some positive feedback before the release date! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your words and how thrilled I am that you enjoyed it!


    • fede1974 01/13/2016 / 8:42 PM

      Thank you so much, it’s always a pleasure to read a book that will stay in my memory for a long time. It means a lot to me that you have taken the time to respond, I know how busy you must be, so it means even more, thank you.


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