REVIEW: “LONELY HEARTS” by Heidi Cullinan

TITLE: Lonely Hearts
AUTHOR: Heidi Cullinan
SERIES: Love lessons – book 3
PUBLISHER: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
GENRE:  Contemporary
E-BOOK: yes
PRICE: $ 4.75 e-book on Amazon
LENGTH: 355 pages
RELEASE DATE: August 11th 2015


BLURB: Even hot messes need a happily ever after.

With the quiet help of his wealthy family, Sebastian “Baz” Acker has successfully kept his painful past at bay. But as the end of college draws near, his friends—his buffer zone—are preparing to move on, while his own life is at a crippling standstill.With loneliness bearing down on him, Baz hooks up—then opens up—with Elijah Prince, the guy Baz took a bullet for last year. The aftershocks of their one-night stand leave giant cracks in Baz’s carefully constructed armor. For the first time, the prospect isn’t terrifying.

Accustomed to escaping his demons by withdrawing into his imagination, Elijah isn’t used to having a happy herd of friends. He’s even less comfortable as the object of a notorious playboy’s affections. Yet all signs seem to indicate this time happiness might be within his grasp. When Baz’s mother runs for a highly sought-after public office, the media hounds drag Baz’s and Elijah’s pasts into the light. In the blinding glare, Baz and Elijah face the ultimate test: discovering if they’re stronger together…or apart.

Warning: Contains sex in a Tesla, sex in a cupboard, sex under a piano, kinky role play, and a cappella RuPaul songs. Just a couple of boys groping, battling, then finally loving their way to becoming men.


FedericaWith Heidi Cullinan, you never know what you are going to get, every book she delivers is different, they are all unique, but what we do know, what we are 100% sure of, is that they are going to be just wonderful!

This series is one of my personal favourites. The first two books were simply amazing and I really couldn’t wait to finally read Baz and Elijah’s story.

All of “Baz” Sebastian Acker friends are graduating but he hasn’t yet decided what direction he wants to take?  Personally, he doesn’t need to work, money is not a problem for him.  His problem is that he is scared, both physically and mentally. He was severely beaten at 16 and his boyfriend at the time, died.  The outcome of that beating, apart from his scars, is that he has serious vision problems and needs a lot of medication, but he is a survivor!

He has never had a serious relationship – he won’t allow anyone to get too close.

In the previous books of this series, we saw him as the strong guy, but now, with all his friends leaving at the end of college, we see his loneliness.

He saves the life of Elijah Prince.  Elijah’s homophobic father found out that Elijah lied to him about “recovering” from his homosexuality and therefore because he felt  tricked, tries to shoot him!

Obviously this is something that leave deep wounds in Elijah heart, he knew that his parents would never understand or accept his homosexuality, but never in his wildest dreams did he think his father would go that far!

These two characters, gave us a wonderful storyline, a story of two lonely hearts that come together and both becoming so much stronger because of that. It wasn’t easy for them, overcoming trauma’s so deep, that most people never have to deal with something like that,  but these two did and did it so well.

They were surrounded by the love of their friends and a new interesting character, a co-worker of Elijah’s, a Transgender named Lewis/Lejla. Lewis/Lejla is at the start of his/her journey.

“I don’t have a story. I’m a girl, but I have a dick. I know I’m trans, but…” Lip in teeth, gaze averted.“I’ve never come out to anyone before Elijah. I feel weird. I’m happy and sick at the same time.”

She is a very interesting character which enriches a story already complete, and she will have the support of these wonderful guys.

More silence. It was making Baz crazy not knowing what name or pronoun to assign. Why the hell it mattered, he didn’t know. It didn’t matter. Was he going to treat the person in front of him any different as a Lewis instead of a Lejla, or vice versa? No, but—well, that was the thing, wasn’t it? It didn’t matter, except it really fucking did. Gender was such a fuckjob. What made Elijah attractive to Baz? Why was Mina not on the menu? He refused to believe it was her tits. It must be something else. Pheromones. Or maybe it was all genderfuck. Born naked, and the rest is drag, like RuPaul said. Maybe they were all warped by details. Maybe orientation and gender and even attraction were a thousandfold more complicated than anybody wanted to admit.

Mix everything up with all the characters, you are left with a wonderful and powerful storyline – a story of love, friendship and family.

You really are loosing out if you don’t read this series, the same can be said of any of Heidi Cullinan’s books, a great writer of phenomenal books.

Five big fat heart-felt stars from me.


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