REVIEW: “TRUST” by Brigham Vaughn


TITLE: Trust
AUTHOR: Brigham Vaughn
PUBLISHER: Two Peninsula Press
GENRE: Romance
SERIES: Equals series spin-off book 2
PRICE: $ 6.02 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 232 pages
RELEASE DATE: 28th January 2016

BLURB: Evan Harris thinks his relationship with Jeremy Lewis is going well. But when Jeremy bolts, Evan is left nursing a broken heart. Jeremy loves Evan, but his inability to trust holds him back from facing his past head on and building the future he desperately wants. Evan’s patience is at the breaking point, and he struggles to decide if Jeremy deserves another chance.

Scarred by his own parents’ treatment of him, Jeremy doesn’t trust Evan’s mother’s motives when she reappears in Evan’s life after his father lands in jail. The ensuing disagreement about his concerns puts further pressure on their developing relationship.

Unless Jeremy can learn to trust and Evan can let go of past hurts, they’ll miss out on the relationship they’ve both been searching for. 


Ohhhh……. I really love this author, and “Trust” is the perfect end to the perfect series.

Jeremy stole my heart – I couldn’t stop it, I’m always been a sucker for complex and struggling characters.

At the end of “Connection” we left Evan and Jeremy “together”, but it was obvious to everyone that it wasn’t going to be easy. In “Husband”, the 4th book in the Equal Series, Jeremy comes across as a very strong and confident sort of person, but it’s a façade which he hides behind, he has fears and insecurities which has left our Evan with a broken heart. He tries to go on, to find new friends and maybe even a boyfriend, but nobody is like Jeremy. And for Jeremy, nobody is like Evan – he has only to be brave enough to give themselves a chance.

With Russ and Stephen’s wedding, this could be the ideal moment.

They are perfect together, Evan is just what Jeremy needs to heal his soul and to start living again.

The first time Jeremy lets Evan see his scars, he is afraid that he would be disgusted by them, but Evan is special, he can see over the scars, he is sad for all the pain that Jeremy has suffered, he only sees Jeremy as himself, never the scars!

When everything seems to be going well, Evan’s mother reappears in her son’s life. After everything that had happened with his parents, Jeremy gets worried and this puts pressure on their developing relationship. But like always, they can always count on their friends and Russ’s father.

I really like the relationship that there is between all the characters, the love story between Evan and Jeremy goes without saying, but also the brotherhood between Russ and Evan.

And I have to mention Todd, the waiter in Russ’s and Stephen’s favourite restaurant, he was hilarious and great fun to read.

I have to say that I’m going to miss my boys, they were a wonderful group of friend, a family beyond blood bound.

I cannot recommend this series enough, it’s so well written. I love her style of writing and the way she gives life to her characters, makes them become real people.


infinito 5e

****I would like to thank the author for the opportunity and privilege of reviewing this ARC. My opinions of this book, were entirely my own.****


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