TITLE: Working it out
AUTHOR: P.J. Nevada
PUBLISHER: Self Publishing
GENRE:  Contemporary Romance
PRICE: $ 3.23 on Amazon
LENGTH: 88 pages
RELEASE DATE: 25th January 2015


BLURB: Logan & Patrick, two successful, good looking attorneys, meet one night while working out at a local gym. They hardly know each other, but the sexual attraction that soon develops between them is mutual and obvious, and the flirting begins. While teasing and playing online with each other, they text and use video to arouse and seduce. The battle soon becomes finding the right time to properly consummate their relationship, making it finally, truly physical. Work and schedules get in their way, and tempers become short, when they question whether the delays and excuses are real or just a reason to not take things to the next level. It doesn’t take long for their budding relationship to fall apart completely. Are they truly meant to be together? Will they ever hook up? Find out in this sexually explicit m/m erotic romantic story.


This GFY latest offering from PJ Nevada is without doubt his best book so far. I loved how he executed his sexy storyline, I was drawn in immediately from page one, I knew instantly that this was my kind of book.

Patrick is a successful lawyer (attorney) but his personal life is a mess. His girlfriend has left him and he’s not as upset as he should be? He realises that his life has now reached limbo status. He’s a regular gym goer, not only does it keep his body in great shape but also lets off the steam as well. At one of his sessions, he meets Logan, another lawyer he knows vaguely.

Logan starts up a conversation….is he flirting with him? Patrick doesn’t know but he does know that his own personal steam is rising and another body part has risen too! . What a shocker!!! Or is it? He’s certainly never ever been interested in another man sexually before, but Logan’s sexy flirting, his great body and the way he keeps referring to him as “old man” (there is a few years age difference) is a real turn on and he likes it, but does he want to explore his feelings further?

I don’t want to give a spoiler, but I think the phone sexing sealed the answer on that one! As I’ve already mentioned the phone sexing, I gotta tell you that that scene was an absolute sexy delight to read – personally, I think that the author may have used some personal knowledge on this, as it was very, very realistic (lol).

Being a high flyer in the legal world, work has a habit of taking over, maybe this is why his relationship with his now ex-girlfriend didn’t work out? and even though Logan is a lawyer himself, it causes problems. Can Patrick and Logan get through this? Is Patrick really ready to admit to being Logan’s boyfriend?

But what really makes this book so special is Patrick and Logan themselves. I loved both characters, Patrick going for what he wants and Logan for his sense of humour and knowing that Patrick is someone worth chasing. At times it was sweet and at others, down right dirty!

The author did a great job on this one and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us with his next book, I’ve no idea what it’s going to be? The author always surprises me and I love surprises.

Five you-can-spot-me-anytime stars from me.

infinito 5e

***I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reviewing this ARC. My review was an honest opinion of the book***


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