TITLE: Catch a Tiger by the Tail
AUTHOR: Charlie Cochet
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Paranormal
SERIES: Third, book #6
PRICE: $ 6,99 e-book on Dreamspinner Press Store
LENGHT: 216 pages
RELEASE DATE: 5th February 2016


BLURB: Calvin Summers and Ethan Hobbs have been best friends since childhood, but somewhere along the line, their friendship evolved into something more. With the Therian Youth Center bombing, Calvin realizes just how short life can be and no longer keeps his feelings for his best friend a secret. Unfortunately, change is difficult for Ethan; most days he does well to deal with his selective mutism and social anxiety. Calvin’s confession adds a new struggle for Ethan, one he fears might cost him the friendship that’s been his whole world for as long as he can remember.

As partners and Defense Agents at the THIRDS, being on Destructive Delta is tough at the best of times, but between call-outs and life-threatening situations, Calvin and Ethan not only face traversing the challenges of their job, but also working toward a future as more than friends.



I am a Thirdcohol”. I repeat “I am a Thirdcohol”. I feel so much better now that I’ve confessed one of my secrets.  I tried to resist, but I am weak and this series is just so good and the guys so amazing, that I defy anyone not to agree! I am a Third nerd and I stand proud!

This book was simply addictive, a real page turner, I was glued to the pages, I couldn’t put it down, nothing else mattered, only the book.

The flow in continuity from the previous books is expertly done, you feel as you are one of them – you live the life of Destructive Delta – with all of them.  You are so immersed within the story that you feel you are at Dekatria, drinking with them, or at Sparta to train, part of the team…and at playtime?  you laugh because these Therians just love to play, especially with the boxes (only a cat lover would completely understand that last comment).

Another added bonus (if you needed more) is the humour, I had a smile upon my lips the whole time, especially the swimming pool scene!

Have a favourite character? Then you are going to be really pleased, you will meet again and see what has happened in their lives.

But this time around, it’s finally Hobbes and Calvin’s time. They have been friends since childhood – Calvin is human and Hobbes a Tiger but they are inseparable.  Calvin has always protected his best friend, who suffers from Selective Mutism and social anxiety problems.  Hobbes rarely speaks to anyone except Calvin and his brother Seb.  He just cannot bring himself to talk to his other brother Rafe or even his mother, this of course is a very difficult situation, he does try…. but just can’t!

This new development with Calvin shakes him to the core, he can’t loose his best friend! he is the most important person in his life but he’s so afraid that he can’t be what Calvin wants.

This big tiger shows us so much sweetness….his words might not come from his mouth but they come from his soul and they are just so tender!

The love between Calvin and Hobbes has always been there and it finally blossomed into life, but that is not what is only on offer here, we meet and understand Ethan’s brother ….but that’s all I’m going to say, you want more? then go read the book yourselves, but be prepared, the author will stop your heart beating!

The time will drag for me until the next book is out and I for one, cannot wait, I love this series!



infinito 5e


**** The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.****


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