TITLE: His Favourite Color is Blood – Coffin Nails MC
AUTHOR: K.A. Merikan
PUBLISHER: Acerbi & Villani ltd.
GENRE: Dark Erotic Romance
SERIES: Sex & Mayhem, book 8
PRICE: $ 5,57 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 329 pages
RELEASE DATE: 10th February 2016


BLURB: — When life gives you blood, make mayhem. —

Grim. Assassin. Leather-clad sex god. Has the most unusual taste in men.
Misha. Mutilated. Afraid. Will never trust again.

Grim is a bloodthirsty killer, and he owns it. Gay in a world of outlaw bikers, he firmly stands his ground if anyone dares to cross him. He takes pleasure in showing homophobes their place and fucking his way through a life of carnage.
But there is a part of him always aching for something he cannot get. When by chance he saves the most perfect guy he’s ever met, he is not about to let him go. Even if it means he needs to smother his broken bird.
When a masked, bloodstained man rescues Misha from captivity, he doesn’t know if he should thank the menacing stranger or stab him and run. Grim is not the kind of man who takes no for an answer, and Misha might now be in more danger than when he was trapped as a sex slave.
Misha cannot deny though that Grim is as alluring as he is frightening, and once Misha realizes what power his body holds over Grim, he understands that taming the beast of a man could be within his reach.
But any possibility of a future together is like a house of cards when Zero, the sadistic crime lord who destroyed Misha’s life, sets out to get him back.
Will the ruthless biker assassin at Misha’s side be enough to conquer the monsters from his past?

WARNING: This book contains adult content that might be considered taboo. Strong language, violence and torture. Reader discretion advised.


Not only is this dark and very disturbing, it pushed me well over any set preconceived boundaries that I thought I had and I loved every single word!

This books screams spoilers and I would love to share them with you, but I’m going to try and resist. If the writers were going for the shock factor, they certainly succeeded.  Read the warnings, they are there for a very good reason.

I’ve never read a MC like Grim before (and let’s face it, these two writers have had some of the best and OTT MCs ever!) and I loved him. To say he’s obsessively weird, doesn’t cut it, he’s so much more than that. He doesn’t know how to act normal, he will torture, kill, mutilate, has very particular tastes where it comes to his bed partners (I never knew such a fetish existed!) but to kill an animal and eat it?  no way!  What is 100% beyond doubt though, is that he knows he loves Misha and to him, that is all that matters, he will love and protect him and do whatever it takes to keep him safe.  See?  He’s full of layers that seem impossible to unravel but Misha does, slowly but unravel he does.

Now Misha is another with layers to unravel.  My heart bled for him, I had to wipe the tears away when I first read his story.  The blurb has already told you that he was abducted, sold as a sex slave to a very depraved, sick, bespoke market.  He’s been kept isolated, a prisoner, totally dependent on his “boyfriend” and will do anything to survive, he sees himself as a coward, but he’s not!  he is one of the strongest people I have ever met (these writers are so exemplary, that I see these two as real people).

Then there is Zero. All I’m going to say is that he is “one sick fcuk”, he makes the vilest of baddies seem like angels compared to him!

They “meet” when Grim is on a raid with his brothers to close down the sex ring. As soon as Grim sees Misha, he decides to keep him!  Just like that.  It never enters his head that might not be what Misha wants and gets even more confused when Misha doesn’t want sex!

These two were meant for each other. Their love may not be conventional, but it is love, Grim would give his life to save Misha and Misha would do the same for Grim.

This was addictive reading and not always an easy read but I couldn’t put it down. Yet again these two authors ensnared their unsuspecting readers in the intricate web they wove, you get so tangled up in their silken threads, nothing else matters but reading the next page, everything else goes on hold, reality doesn’t exist anymore, only Grim and Misha.

Highly recommended but remember the warning.

Has to be 5* from me and definitely the best read of 2016 so far and I’ve read some great books this year already.

infinito 5e

**** The ARC was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.****


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