REVIEW: “SINS OF A WOLF” by Jessica Lee

sins of a wolf

TITLE: Sins of a Wolf
AUTHOR: Jessica Lee
PUBLISHER: Self publishing
GENRE: Paranormal Romance
SERIES: KinKaid Wolf Pack, Book 4
PRICE: $ 2.99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 159 pages
RELEASE DATE: 22nd February 2016


BLURB: The heat building between them is ready to erupt, threatening to shatter the wall around a soldier’s heart. Former Green Beret, Zackary “Sin” Sinclair has a secret nipping at his heels. And he’ll do anything—go anywhere—to keep that info locked down tight. Including playing along with the news that he’s the father of his best friend’s little sister’s baby. But there’s no way in hell that’s possible since he hasn’t touched a woman in years. That, and his best friend has no idea Sin’s been hiding the fact he’s gay since they were teenagers. KinKaid Wolf Pack Enforcer, Aydin Michaels is his cousin’s new pet project. If he doesn’t sober up and fall in line, he’ll be kissing his new career goodbye, and more than likely, packing up to head back east. The last thing he needs is a smokin’ hot human male with eyes that turn him inside out trying to play his hero. When a bar fight goes wrong and Sin ends up bitten, Aydin is charged with tracking him down—before he shifts—and educating him about those in the world who aren’t quite human. Rule number one: in order to survive, shifters stick together. But convincing the hardheaded soldier on the run to stay put, preferably with him, is easier said than done. For Sin, putting down roots means paying a price. He either betrays a friend and risks losing the only family he’s ever known, or walk away from the man who’s claimed a piece of his soul.



I don’t know who said “opposites attract” but it certainly wasn’t Jessica Lee and she just proved it with Aydin and Sin!

These two bad boys, so similar in so many things (except their genetic makeup) were meant for each other – I not only love this book, but the whole series as well.

Jessica Lee is my comfort read. She never lets me down, she writes good, solid, well researched storylines (that are sexy as hell) with no editing issues and no typo’s (my personal pet hate) and very importantly, she always delivers.

Sin is deep in the closet, especially with his best friend. So when his best friends little sister end up pregnant and says that Sin is the father!….he goes with it.  He can keep his sexuality a secret and let her have the time to sort out her emotions before “fessing up”.  It’s all going well, until he meets Aydin.

Aydin is in trouble…….again! He can’t seem to sort himself out, he’s lost and spiralling out of control, so when the bottle or a fight shines like a beacon to him, he can’t resist the call.  And he can’t resist his natural instincts too.   In a fight, he mistakenly bites Sin.  No big deal in the overall sphere of things, except Aydin is a wolf shifter and the “forbidden” bite, now means that Sin is one too!

And this is where the storyline gets really interesting. Not only has Aydin got to tell his Alpha that he has broken one of their cardinal rules, he’s also got to tell Sin that his life has just changed totally!

Meanwhile, Sin is finding that the lies are escalating and he’s got to keep on the move before they catch up with him and now he’s been told that he’s a wolf…….WTF?

Can these two bad boys see that it’s not just great sex but something more? Can they both have the lives that both so desperately crave and of course, their’s still the little matter of the baby….

Loved the chemistry between Aydin and Sin and I liked the way the author manages to convey the message that though we have come a long way in accepting equality for the people we fall in love with, we still have a long way to go, as not everyone has the freedom to love who they want to. But we will get there.

Though part of a series, it is a stand alone as well, so don’t be out off by the book 4 status.

Five Sinfully Wolfish Stars from me.


infinito 5e

**** The ARC was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.****


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