Special Guards of Folsom – REVIEW: “PONY” by SJD Peterson

Guard of Folsom
AUTHOR: SJD Peterson
SERIES: Guards of Folsom – book 3
COVER ARTIST: Paul Richmond
PUBLISHER: Dreampsinner Press
GENRE:  Contemporary – BDSM
E-BOOK: yes
PRICE: $ 6.99 e-book on Dreamspinner store
LENGTH: 270 pages
RELEASE DATE: 12th January 2014


BLURB: Grant Maxwell, aka Max, wakes to find his coffeepot has died in the night. Not one who can start his day without his favorite brew, he heads to the local coffee shop. Max finds something even more appealing than caffeine in the form of twenty-six-year-old hottie Aiden James. For the first time in his life, well-established, confident and respected Dom Max finds himself sputtering and unsure in the face of Aiden’s charms.

Aiden lives with three roommates, works a dead-end job, and isn’t sure where his life is heading. That is until he meets Max. Max introduces him to a foreign yet intriguing lifestyle, and they soon discover they have something more than mutual attraction in common.

A shared kink is one thing, but Aiden’s past vanilla sexual experiences as well as his fear of losing himself in Max may keep Aiden from experiencing his fantasy. Max has an obstacle of his own to overcome. He must somehow figure out how to help Aiden explore his submissive side when, for the first time in his life, he’s head over heels in love.


Francesca“Pony” is the third novel of “Guards of Folsom” series.  We first met Max, AKA The Therapist, in Tag Team and now it’s his turn together with his new sub, Aiden.
From head to toe, Max is a true Dom (including all the bits in between – lol).  He’s extremely intelligent, a Psychiatrist by profession and very controlled, as only a Dom could be.  But what surprised me was his big heart and very strong feelings!
One day, going for a coffee at the bar on the corner of his studio, he meets Aiden.  The world he knew, suddenly stopped, nothing else mattered when he looked into Aiden’s beautiful green eyes, had his heart stopped beating or was it beating too fast?  He didn’t know, he didn’t care, all that mattered was the man in front of him.

“After ten years of controlling other man, their movements, their pleasure, at times their very breath, he couldn’t even pick out a goddamn shirt to wear. “Oh, Aiden, what have you done to me?”

Aidan is the total opposite to Max.  He’s shy, introverted, he’s only just arrived in New York, he doesn’t know the city or the people, it’s all so new to him.  Whoever said “opposites attract” certainly got that right – these two certainly “attract”.
They start to see each other and both know that what they have, goes way beyond flirtation, it could turn out to be so much more.

“I can see how you could enrich a life”, he said softly. “You already have done that in mine”. When Max was holding him, touching him, kissing him, everything was so easy.”

But Max never discussed with Aiden about his lifestyle, how he was a Dom and what that truly meant and more importantly, how he didn’t think he could give it up.  He knew that Aiden was a natural sub, but did Aiden?
Of course that discussion had to take place, for both their sakes.  Aiden is immediately intrigued and starts to research it on the Internet.  His research leads him to believe that his favourite play, could be….Pony Play.  He’s not sure of Max’s reaction to that?  What will he do?  Will he want to fulfil Aiden’s fantasy?
Their relationship is not the classical Dom/Sub relationship that we come to expect, it’s so much more.  Max knows that by giving Aiden his love and what he desires, he will be giving Aiden the freedom to be himself, something he has never had before.

“He also liked having Aiden on his knees at his feet and for the first time since entering the lifestyle all those years ago, Max felt he’d finally found what he had been looking for, what he needed.”

I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, how much I liked this book, it crawled under my skin and worked it’s way into my heart.  But what really made this book so awesome, was the author’s ability to mix the BDSM lifestyle with real emotions and feelings.  It was an absolute pleasure to read the dialogue between these two lovers, the way they communicated, discussed their needs and addressed their fears, it rivals even the most established of couples.
If you are looking for a pure erotic Dom/Sub book, this is not for you.  If you are looking for a classic love story with hearts and flowers, this is not for you.  If you are looking for a book that gives you goosebumps when reading, this is for you.  I suggest that you take an afternoon off, get comfortable with your feet up, get yourself a nice cold drink and let yourself be captivated by these two wonderful men!
I cannot strongly enough recommend this book, it’s that good.

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