REVIEW: “WHAT GOES AROUND……” by Sandrine Gasq-Dion


TITLE: What goes around….
AUTHOR: Sandrine Gasq-Dion
SERIES: Santorno book 4
PUBLISHER: Skull Blaster Publishing
GENRE: Contemporary
PRICE: $ 3,99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 301 pages
RELEASE DATE: 12nd February 2016

BLURB: Stefan Santorno Youngblood and his husband, Jordan, love their children more than anything in the world. They also love their kids’ significant others and friends as though they were their own. With mob ties and friends in high AND low places, woe be unto anyone who screws with this close extended family.
As some of the kids continue to recover from a previous attempt on their lives, spring brings new beginnings: graduations, a vacation in paradise, weddings – and a little surprise no one could have predicted.
Too bad new beginnings can also become rocky, scary and … deadly? All Damon and Heath Youngblood want is to marry their hot fiancés, begin their new lives and hang out with their buddies. All that their friends want is to laugh, love and maybe get a second chance or two to be completely happy.
So, why is it that innocence comes shrouded in shadows and those new lives and second chances are nearly shot to hell one very dark night that should have been perfect?
Well, the only thing certain in life is that what goes around, comes around.
And the Santornos and their loved ones don’t play nice. 


FedericaWarning: if you haven’t read Assassins shifter book 16 this review could contain spoiler!

Sandrine Gasq Dion is an amazing author and I so love all her series, but I have to admit, Assassins shifter and Santorno are my favorite.
To read this book you have to read the previous books.
We find again the Santorno Youngblood family from where we left them. The young generation is planning their weddings, after everything they have endured now is time for happy moments but nothing goes how is planned. Our boys have to face one last (? You never know) obstacle to gain their peace and happiness.
There are a lot of characters involved, and I love to see again the parents, Stefan and Jordan who have really a wonderful relationship. I love to see how the love they share never lessen.
I have to say, it’s not so angsty for me, maybe because I have read the Assassins series, when we have met these characters during the series, so we read this story with some tranquility because we know, at the end, everything will be ok. This doesn’t mean you don’t get involved with the story, because this is a Gasq –Dion’s book and her way of writing is always involving and exciting. I love how she intertwined her series.
What gave me a little sadness is Josh and Tanner story, because if you have read “Into the Lyons den”, book 16 in Assassin/shifter series, you know how it will end (but don’t worry, there’s always a HEA, even if you have to wait for it). At the same time it is beautiful because it give fullness to the story, in your mind you’ll link and complete the two series.
It’s really fascinating the way of writing of this author and I can’t wait to read the next book of both series.

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