Special Guards of Folsom – DOUBLE PRE REVIEW: “BOUND” by SJD Peterson

Guard of Folsom


TITLE: Bound
AUTHOR: SJD Peterson
SERIES: Guards of Folsom – book 5
COVER ARTIST: Paul Richmond
PUBLISHER: Dreampsinner Press
GENRE:  Contemporary – BDSM
E-BOOK: yes
PRICE: $ 6.99 e-book on Dreamspinner store
LENGTH: 200 pages
RELEASE DATE: 14th March 2016


BLURB: Tek Cain & Jamie Ryan work at the Guards of Folsom BDSM club. After two years on the run from their old motorcycle club and the Feds, Tek & Jamie are finally able to relax and enjoy their new life in New York City. But the past won’t stay buried, and when the MC resurfaces, it’s Jamie who pays the price. Tek and the rest of the members at the Guards of Folsom must work together to get back one of their own.

In this, the final installment in the Guards of Folsom series, everyone must come together, bound as one in their quest to find Jamie and bring him home once and for all.



Sjd. Peterson truly outdid her amazing self with Bound. This is a rightful last book of an extraordinary series and I just couldn’t stop reading though I had to slow down to savor the last part as I never wanted it to end. The story has everything we could have wished for from excitement and struggles, friendship and hot sex to the greatest kind of love imaginable.
I think it’s a wonderful idea to start the final book of the series with short snippets from the life of each couple from the previous stories leading up to the events of the present. I love to see each couple/triple with their unique characters, and the special bonds between/among them. There’s a saying that you should always be careful what you wish for. This book delivered brilliantly what I had missed from Roped. I missed some action or confrontation with Tek and Jamie’s past, wanted some resolve for them and here I got more than enough. The other shoe that we all felt hanging at the end of Roped, which had already started falling, finally arrived. I am truly grateful to the author to keep a perfect balance in her stories giving the right amount of angst, never pulling my strings too much.
Tek and Jamie cemented their place among my top favorite couples. As Max states, they have “a very powerful love and absolute commitment to the other.” This special kind of relationship gives a steady base for them to build a future together they both deserve! The story is mostly about them, finding their way, overcoming their past, but time and time again we are given the chance to meet all the characters from the previous books. They all prove what it means to form an outstanding family sticking together no matter what. I truly love each and every one of them. I’m going to miss them. This book is a definite must read. Highly recommended!



infinito 5e


Federica I was very happy when this series began and now so sad it’s coming to an end. I fell in love with Ty and Blake in the book “Ty’s Obsession”, all the stories are wonderful and sweet, but my favourite so far is Tag Team.  Having said that, the whole series is about genuine, absolute friendship that these men share.
And in this last book we have a beautiful example of how they can be together when one of them needs help.
The way the author integrates the characters from previous books is really appealing, especially as we can see what they were doing the day that Blake calls them because Jaime is in danger.
Of course it goes without saying, that all of them rush to offer help, none of them thought twice, that is the foundations of true friendship that they have.
Personally, I would have liked the first part of the book to have had more detail – Jamie was too easily rescued, to my way of thinking.
We get to see how Jaime and Tek try to get on with their lives, with of course the help from their friends.
Jamie and Tek relationship is really strong and beautiful, they are really soulmate. They have lived all their lives a world full of violence and danger, it’s amazing how sunny they really are.
Everybody’s lives changed at the end of the book. It’s seems the closing of a circle. They’ll take different roads, and even if this is a little bit sad not to think of all of them together at the club, it’s also exciting thinking of how many other adventures they can have, and that maybe the author will tell us.

I’ll really miss these men, all of them, but thank you SJD for this wonderful journey!


infinito 4


**** The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press in Exchange of an honest review.****



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