TITLE: Torn and frayed
AUTHOR: Rodd Clarck
SERIES: A Gabriel Church Tale Book 2
COVER ART: Mumson Designs
PUBLISHER: Driven Press
GENRE:  Contemporary
E-BOOK: yes
PRICE: $ 5.99 e-book on Amazon store
LENGTH: 277 pages
RELEASE DATE: 09th January 2016


BLURB: “Conscience isn’t something all people are born with…”

Gabriel Church is a portrait in contrast. It would be easy to get lost in his pale-blue eyes, ache with the need to feel the strength of his masculine frame. He appears to be nothing but animal and instinct. The only people who know the full depth of that truth are dead, murdered, or two thousand miles away.

Gabe is a serial killer. For the first time in his life, he has more on his mind than his own survival. This time he is running from Seattle to protect the only person he thinks innocent in his laundry list of crime and murder: Christian Maxwell, his biographer and unexpected lover. Drawn to a place he never thought to return, Gabe finds new and different realities. Realities that insist he let go of his tragic past, those incredible perceptions of God, and his own divinity. He must open his eyes to what the love of a good man can do to heal a broken soul.

But when the killer is confronted by his own willingness to love and sacrifice, he is forced to ultimately ask the question: Just how far will he go to save a life . . . when all he’s ever done is take them?


lorraineNow I have to be truthful here, the thought of reading a book about a psychopathic killer, who’s doing God’s work (well, sort of………remember he’s a psychopath!) didn’t immediately grab me and it took quite a few pages to get into this storyline, but once I did, I was grabbed in a voyeuristic sort of way. I was looking as an outsider, watching the storyline unfold but getting emotionally involved at the same time and before I knew it, had read the book practically in one sitting.

Gabriel really is a true psychopath – when he’s with Christian, he’s a totally different person as opposed to when he’s killing people in God’s name and this was the truly scary part, because the author did such a fantastic job on Gabriel’s mixed-up character.

Gabriel has gotten away with killing people for years, he’s meticulous and no one knows except Christian, whom he left in book 1 in order to “save him”. But he’s made a mistake and Christian is going to pay for that error, unless Gabriel re-enters his life.

The book raises many questions, one of them being “in love, how far are you prepared to go to protect the person you love? What levels will your conscience allow?  I’ll let you think on that one.

The author was devilishly clever, I thought that Gabriel was mellowing and the author was going to change direction and take us on a different route entirely, until the episode with the Police Officer………it proved that Gabriel is what he is and that he’s not going to change!

Very, very different read for me. It held my interest in a kind of morbid fascination way and that itself is quite disturbing, but that is why I called the author “devilishly clever”, he got me to read something that I wasn’t 100% comfortable with! But found it engrossing nevertheless.  I wouldn’t class this as a romance (my normal genre),  it was more in the line of a thriller, but you may disagree with that?

If you are looking for something outside your normal comfort zone, this is definitely worth checking out.


infinito 4

**** The ARC was provided by the Author in exchange of an honest review.****



3 thoughts on “REVIEW: “TORN AND FRAYED” by Rodd Clark

  1. RoddClark 04/15/2016 / 12:36 AM

    Thank for the review, always nice to change another mind of a particular reading.

    Liked by 1 person

    • llesarlorraine 04/15/2016 / 11:52 AM

      As I said in my review, not my normal first choice but I was riveted and will be checking out your other books. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity of reading it.


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