TITLE: Taking a Chance
AUTHOR: Emjay Haze
COVER ART: Kris Norris
PUBLISHER: Torquere Press LLC
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PRICE: $ 4.49 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 165 pages
RELEASE DATE: 02nd February 2016


BLURB: Recent college graduate, Ethan Moore, flies to San Francisco for a job interview with an advertising firm. That evening, he goes to a gay club where meets a gorgeous man who seduces him, but then leaves his hotel room in the morning with only a note. A few weeks later, Ethan begins his new job and discovers that the man he slept with is his new boss, Chance Harlow. He’s fallen for the playboy, but wants to keep their relationship strictly professional. He’s failing miserably as Ethan keeps succumbing to Chance’s advances.
Ethan is selected to accompany Chance to Bali for a huge account and will be spending ten days at a luxurious resort with the man he’s fallen in love with. Chance has made his intentions known, and he won’t pressure him, but if Ethan doesn’t want him, there are plenty of men who will. Ethan struggles with this until one evening they are in the hot tub with two hot swingers who want to play. Ethan flees after watching Chance make out with one of the men. Will Ethan finally give in to the playboy, or did his actions finally lose him the man he loves.



Imagine this: you go for a job interview and it goes really well. To celebrate you hit the local Gay Club and meet, maybe, the man of your dreams (the day seems to just get better and better) and then you end up having a very memorable one-night stand – the day definitely got better!

Now imagine this: you turn up for your first day at work and whoa!, guess who your new boss is? Yep.

Now I loved the premise of this storyline and was expecting some major fireworks with big bangs and sparkles galore. Well I did get the sparkles but not quite the Big Bang I wanted, which was such a shame and it was all Ethan’s fault.  I thought he would be the pyrotechnician, the little fire cracker, to make those fireworks go off with the bang I was expecting, but it must have rained at some time and made him go all soggy.  Soggy Ethan was not good.  I wanted to get a firework and light it under him to fire him up a bit, he just couldn’t make a decision where Chance was concerned.

Now Chance added the sparkles. Boy-oh-boy did he.  Man-slut doesn’t even begin to describe him and whereas Ethan started to man-up a bit towards the end, Chance was the man for me throughout.

Okay, maybe he didn’t remember Ethan straight away (after so many) but when he did? he wanted him again and again and again, as I said, he added the sparkles!

If you love lots and lots of angst, you are going to love this book, combine it with the great sex (you’ll be pleased to know that Ethan does eventually get his act together) then it’s going to be a sure fired winner for you. For me?  A little less angst and Ethan not being so soggy would have made it an amazing 5* but I’m going with 4* this time.


infinito 4

****I would like to thank the author for the opportunity and privilege of reviewing this ARC. My opinions of this book, were entirely my own.****


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