TITLE: Five Times my Best Friend Kissed Me
and the one I kissed him first
AUTHOR:Anna Martin
PUBLISHER: Dreampsinner Press
GENRE:  Contemporary
E-BOOK: yes
PRICE: $ 6.99 e-book on Dreamspinner store
LENGTH: 200 pages
RELEASE DATE: 20th May 2016


BLURB: When you realize you want to marry your best friend at age six, life should follow a pretty predictable path, right? Maybe not.

As a kid, Evan King thought Scott Sparrow was the most amazing person he’d ever met. At seventeen, his crush runs a little deeper, and nothing seems simple anymore. Scott is more interested in football and girls than playing superheroes, and Evan’s attention is focused on getting into art school. A late-night drunken kiss is something to be forgotten, not obsessed over for the next ten years.

When life suddenly brings them back together, it doesn’t take much for the flame Evan carried for Scott nearly all his life to come roaring back, and Evan discovers that life sometimes has a strange way of coming full circle.


12833361_10205887579250242_1339245014_n“Five Times My Best Friend Kissed Me and One Time I Kissed Him First” is a very enjoyable and entertaining story of two guys, following them growing up from the age of seven covering more than fifteen years in their lives. According to the author, this story is a special tribute to fan fiction, “where my roots as a writer are deeply embedded.” she says in her author’s note. The theme of 5+1 is typical in fan fiction in one form or another, but you don’t have to be a fan fiction enthusiast to enjoy this book. I really liked this structure here, it works perfectly, especially the fact that the episodes didn’t come in a chronological order. I think it was a brilliant idea to mix up the times.

My absolute favorite part is the “First time’. That conversation is truly heartwarming, totally adorable and so moving. You’ll know when you get there. Priceless. Scott and Evan have been best friends since the second grade. The different stages of their friendship/relationship give the core of the story. We get to see five plus one episodes from their lives and how their connection is changing, forming, deepening.

I really like both characters. They are lifelike, fun guys with strong personalities and interests. Evan is an artist which is always a weak spot of mine. My other favorite motive, from best friends to lovers, makes the plotline all the more enjoyable. However, I found the main conflict a bit forced and the resolution too quick. The chemistry between Scott and Evan is very well written and I just had a great time reading this book in one sitting. I hope you enjoy this fun, lovable story.


infinito 4


**** The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press in Exchange of an honest review.****



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