REVIEW: “BLAZE” by Wolf Specter & Angela Knots


TITLE: Blaze
AUTHOR: Wolf Specter & Angela Knots
GENRE: Paranormal
SERIES: Dragon’s Destiny: Fated Mates Book 4
PRICE: $ 2.99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 311 pages
RELEASE DATE: 10th March, 2016


BLURB: Fate hasn’t been kind to Ivan, but he doesn’t blame her. He’s spent the last couple of centuries doing terrible things to the humans who live in the Eastern European territory once claimed by his sire, Nikolai… which makes him the last person with any right to expect kindness from something as fickle as fate.

 It doesn’t matter that he’s changed, Ivan knows that some things are simply unforgivable.
Now, for the first time in his life, Ivan has people he can claim as friends. He knows he’s not good at friendship—and certainly not worthy of anything like the love he sees between the other dragons and their mates—but that doesn’t stop him from wishing things could be different.

 A soldier who loves dragons…

Ty is dragonkind’s biggest fan. Three years ago, he’d learned that the majestic, fire-breathing creatures really exist when his twin brother was claimed and impregnated by one, and he now counts all the North American dragons among his closest friends. Ty loves everything about dragons; their loyalty, their protectiveness, their unconditional devotion to their fated mates.
He’s never admitted it to anyone, but Ty secretly dreams of being claimed by a dragon of his own.
That’s impossible, though. For one thing, dragons are male, and Ty isn’t gay. For another, all the ones in Europe–where he’s currently stationed with the U.S. Army—are evil… and evil is the thing Ty idealistically enlisted to fight against.

A destiny worth fighting for…

When a human and a dragon share a soul, fate won’t let anything stop her from bringing them together. But unfortunately, that isn’t any guarantee that life won’t find other ways to pull them apart…



 When I was a little girl, it was never the prince on a white horse that I dreamt of, it was always, always a dragon. So you can see immediately why this series attracted me so much.

As is the norm, there are good books and some…….that are not. However, the Fated Mates Series is definitely in the first category, this series consists of four books and is a crescendo from the very first book to the very last.

Blaze however, is my absolute favourite. The reason?  We have the pleasure of seeing a lot of the characters from previous books appearing in this story but it’s finally Ty’s story.  He was my favourite right from the start.  Apart from being Wes’s twin, he’s hilariously funny and also, a wonderful person.  He dreams of his dragon, so much so, he has a tattoo on his heart. But it seems an impossible dream, apart from being straight, all the good dragons seem to have been taken and the ones left?  bad and ruthless.  But fate cannot be denied and he meets Ivan (Maksim’s brother from the previous book).

Ivan is a very complicated character, he doesn’t know what love is, and nothing about friendship and family until he met his brother and friends.

I love it when the characters reach a crescendo, when they change and improve, and Ivan is one of them. At the start of the series, he was a bad dragon but that was because he had been emotionally and physically abused by his Sire but now he’s changed. With baby steps, he begins to change for the better and when he meet Ty, he is so afraid to be refused, he does what could be the worst mistake of his life?

It’s my favourite because there is so much angst compared to the previous books, a good storyline and of course, the characters.

This series is wonderful, it’s a story about love, friendship and family, which isn’t defined by blood.


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