TITLE: The Innocent Betrayal
AUTHOR: Victoria Sue
SERIES: Innocent Series, Book 2
PUBLISHER: Self Publisher
GENRE: Historical
LENGTH: 157 pages
RELEASE DATE: 20th June 2016


BLURB: London 1811
Can love withstand the ultimate betrayal?
William was running. Running from his father, running from his arranged marriage, and running from himself. He’d never wanted to manage his father’s vast empire. He would have been quite happy to find some small corner of England and read and paint. He knew it would be too much to ask for the company of a man to go with that. Too dangerous. His only hope for escape is to hide who and what he is and pretend to be a servant.
Alex was barely surviving after the fight with Napoleon’s armies. Riddled with guilt, he buried the knowledge of his wife’s death, and his crippled body, at the bottom of whatever brandy bottle he could find.
Two broken souls. One so damaged he thinks he doesn’t deserve love, and one so convinced he would never find it he has stopped looking.
Danger, lies, and espionage. The fate of hundreds of English soldier’s lives depending on them to trust each other, to work together.
Alex is forced to make a choice, unable to swallow his pride and rejects Will and their chance of happiness. Will is heartbroken, and Alex is destroyed. Will Alex realize his mistake in time? Can he learn to trust Will, but more importantly himself, and would Will ever forgive him if he did? And finally, would love ever survive a betrayal – even if it is an innocent one? 


The book is dedicated to the memory of those that lost their lives or were injured in the unjustifiable shooting that happened n Orlando.   #LOVE IS LOVE#

We first met Will (William Prenderville, 8th Marquess of St. Ives, son of the Duke of Cambrideshire) in book 1, the guilt he is carrying for his beloved? Beau, weighs heavily on him and this story starts on his wedding day.  He’s looking out his window, reflecting on what bought him to this untenable position of getting married, he knows he can’t go through with it but how can he escape and even if he did succeed, where would he go?
Benson (let’s put him down as a very, very close servant/friend) suggests the position of Companion to a gentleman who was badly crippled whist fighting the French. And so, the eldest son of a Duke, becomes Will Derringer, a commoner but now the Companion to the owner of Arlington Manor.
It turns out that Will’s new employer, The Right Honourable Lord Alexander Marston, is a drunk, laudanum taking, wound infested and don’t-care-if-I-live-or-die employer. But something about “Alex” draws him in and Will decides to stay.  Can these two wounded men, one physically and one mentally, unite together against all odds?
I loved Will and I loved Alex, but most of all, I loved the storyline. I adored book 1, The Innocent Auction, but this latest edition to the Innocent Series was far superior, it was Historical Romance at its finest.  The detailing to the timeline was meticulous, the author did her research well, I was held entranced from the very first page to the very last.  I freely admit that I have an addictive personality and this book fuelled my book addiction to an all time high, like any adrenaline rush, it left me wanting more, I didn’t want the read to end.
“Will was grounded even as he felt that such perfection might make him simply float away”
The sex scenes were beautifully scripted, sensual and loving. Two wounded men coming together as one.
“Joy could never be found in a lie”
Will knew that his deception to Alex about who he really was, would destroy them – Alex couldn’t abide liars…..
But Will could never envisage that in becoming a simple Companion, how complicated his life would become. Love, betrayal, espionage, spies, treachery, swindlers, family rivalry and greed, all have a part in the final act of The Innocent Betrayal…..
This book is a must read, not only for us historical addicts but also for every m/m romance reader.
As I’ve said already, this is Book 2 but can be read very successfully as a stand alone, so much so, I would suggest that if you haven’t read Book 1, start with this one, you won’t be disappointed.

Highly, highly recommended.

5* big fat love is love stars from me.

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