REVIEW: “FIRST DOWN” by Max Walker


TITLE: First Down
AUTHOR: Max Walker
PUBLISHER: Walker Press
GENRE: Romance
SERIES: The Guardian Series book 2
PRICE: $ 0.99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 190 pages
RELEASE DATE: 21st June 2016


BLURB: Sean Drake is a closeted college football player coming up on the most important year of his life. He’s been the star quarterback at the University of Florida for three years in a row and now he was facing bright NFL prospects. All he needed to do was stay focused on the game and come out a winner. Things get harder when Sean starts being stalked by a crazy fan and finds their advances only getting bolder and more threatening.

Connor Hawk works as a bodyguard for an exclusive agency in Los Angeles. He lives life day to day, protecting celebrities and politicians for a paycheck and then finding a random guy to ease the pressure over a night. He resigned himself to living a lonely life caring only about his work. That all changes when he gets flown to Gainesville for an assignment that alters his future in the blink of an eye.

When Connor and Sean meet, their chemistry is undeniable. Both of the men must come to terms with feelings they thought they were never destined to have. Meanwhile, the stalker becomes more persistent and ends up doing something unimaginable. Now, Sean is faced with a choice that could potentially push him out of the closest in the worst way possible or he could sacrifice the one person that ever made him feel complete. 



Firstly let me say that though this is the second book of the Series, it can be read totally as a standalone, so don’t worry if are are like me and haven’t read book 1 yet. We do have cameo roles from Tristan and Adrian (the two main MCs from the first book)  because Adrian is Connor’s brother, one of the MCs from this storyline.

But let’s focus on the story.
Sean Drake is a college football player who is victim of a stalker. Since the episodes are getting worse and worse his coach decides to hire a bodyguard, Connor Hawk.
As I said Connor is Adrian’s brother and he flies from LA to Florida to protect Sean.
The attraction is immediate but Connor doesn’t pursue it because he believes that Sean is straight. Sean is indeed gay but deeply in the closet.
What begin as a work relationship soon grows into a friendship and then into something more.
Sean has always know he is into guys but he has never had a boyfriend or a relationship, he is a virgin. Conner has a closet full of skeletons, he was throw out of his house when he was a teen and his last relationship was very hurtful. Despite all of this they fall in love with each other, nothing seems too forced and I like the evolution of their relationship.
I like the interaction between the MCs and how the stalker side of the story added the mystery element. The author gave us  a lot of potential stalkers but it’s not till the end that you really find out who it is.
It was a very enjoyable story, Max Walker has gained a new reader even if I have found the ending  a little bit rushed, but the epilogue was the cherry on top.
Though a sports themed storyline, I’m happy to say that the football details certainly didn’t overshadow the storyline, so maybe if you are a die-hard fan of sport themed books you may be a little disappointed? For me, it was the perfect equal balance.  Off to read book 1, I want to see how it all started.


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