REVIEW: “SPY STUFF” by Matthew J. Metzger

spy stuff

TITLE: Spy Stuff
AUTHOR: Matthew J. Metzger
PUBLISHER: Queerteen Press
GENRE: Contemporary
PRICE: $ 5.99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 226 pages
RELEASE DATE: 30th April 2016


BLURB: Anton never thought anyone would ever want to date him. Everyone knows nobody wants a transgender boyfriend, right? So he’s as shocked as anyone when seemingly-straight Jude Kalinowski asks him out, and doesn’t appear to be joking.

The only problem is … well, Jude doesn’t actually know. Anton can see how this will play out: Jude is a nice guy, and nice guys finish last. And Anton is transgender, and transgender people don’t get happy endings. If he tells Jude, it might destroy everything.

And if Jude tells anyone else … it will.



Not only have I found a new author, I’ve found the most amazing and beautiful storyline that I have ever read. I can’t begin to describe the amount of emotions that this book invoked in me, I went from sadness tears, to standing up applauding tears to pure enjoyment tears and I have to mention that the “coming clean” scene, had belly ache laughter tears – one of the best scenes ever!

The storyline reminded me of the age old saying of “you can run but you can’t hide”. Anton moved schools thinking that his past was behind him, no more taunts would be thrown at him, he would start anew and nobody would know.  But he meets Jude….

Anton realises that he can’t escape or hide his past, Jude has the right to know.

No spoilers from me but I want to say that I loved Anton and I loved Jude. The author’s  characterisation of these two boys and they are boys, just 15 years old, was remarkable, they became real to me.

All the supporting characters added depth and energy to this wonderful story but it’s Anton and Jude that made it compulsive reading. I read the entire book in one sitting and learnt so much about transgender issues, things that I never even thought of before were explained simply but thoroughly, it was educational without the “labelling” which I personally detest.

This is YA at its very best, please don’t be put off by the age grouping, this book deserves to be read.

Highly, highly recommended.

5 big fat stars from me


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