TITLE: Protecting Braden
AUTHOR: Luna David
PUBLISHER: Self publishing
GENRE: Contemporary
SERIES: Custos Securities Series – Book 2
PRICE: $ 4,99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 328 pages
RELEASE DATE: 06th July 2016

BLURB: Zavier “Cade” McCade, former Army Special Forces and creator of Custos Securities, finds himself in a situation he never thought he’d be in—he’s fallen in love with Braden Cross, the gorgeous pastry chef he’s guarding. Cade has lived his life as a protector: of his country, his family and friends, his clients, and now, the man he’s in love with. He thrives in dangerous and stressful situations. But nothing could prepare him for Braden’s decision to put himself in danger.

After a vicious attack from his stalker leaves Braden fighting for his life, Cade will stop at nothing to see the man responsible punished. Time passes, but Braden’s attacker hasn’t given up and Cade’s afraid he never will. As Cade and the most trusted members of Custos Securities track Braden’s assailant, Braden struggles to rebuild his life and re-establish the fragile trust he and Cade had worked so hard to build. Braden knows if he’s going to survive the chaos surrounding him, he’s going to have to give Cade everything he has—mind, body, and soul.

More determined than ever to hunt down the man that nearly killed the love of his life, Cade will do everything in his power to ensure that he and Braden will be able to live the life of their dreams with nothing and no one standing in their way. Meanwhile, hidden just out of their reach, an increasingly deranged stalker watches…and waits.

Author’s Note: Although this book can be read as a stand-alone, it is highly recommended that you read book 1, Trusting Cade, first. For those of you that prefer warnings—trigger or otherwise—use the “Look Inside” feature to find them within the first several pages. For those of you that prefer to be surprised, avoid the front matter of the book. . . Happy reading!


lorraineOh Wow!  Does this author know how to write a riveting psycho or what?  I think the impact of this truly disgusting excuse for a human being was that the author didn’t go OTT with his character, she kept it within the realms of possibilities and THAT was what made it so more chilling <still shuddering at the thought of him>

This second book continues where Book 1 left off – Braden is recovering from his horrific ordeal and blaming himself for everything.  Cade is also blaming himself –  he failed to protect the most precious thing in his life, Braden.  He’s a professional, he knows what he is doing and yet he failed Braden and worse?  that sicko is still out there!

Braden is terrified, he needs the security and strength that only Cade can provide, but let’s not underestimate that gentle pastry baker, he’s a fighter and he’s going to fight to get back his life and keep not only Cade in his life but safe as well.

Ms David delivered a polished storyline, no rough edges to snag you on, she sanded her storyline with precision, she was confident in her delivery, she knew what she wanted to write, she knew her characters and she nailed it!  The more psycho Eric got, the more compelling the storyline became, I was kept on the edge of my seat, waiting to see how it was going to play out?  Braden, basking in the love that Cade showers him in, is convinced that Eric has given up, moved on but Cade knows…….he knows that he is biding his time and will pounce but this time, Cade is ready and waiting to pounce too!

As I’ve said, it was a polished delivery by the author, I admire that she was brave enough to show us Braden and Cade’s flaws, it made them real not some flawless books hero’s that we normally get, so well done author.

The author did a magnificent job within the first few pages of refreshing your memory of Book 1 and bringing you back to speed, so much so, this can be read very successfully as a stand alone.

Highly recommended.

5 big fat protection stars from me


infinito 5e

**** The ARC was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.****


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