REVIEW: “ACED” by Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine


AUTHOR: Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine
SERIES: PresLocke – book 1
PUBLISHER: Ella Frank, LLC & Brooke Blaine
GENRE: Contemporary
PRICE: $ 4.99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 372 pages
RELEASE DATE: 10th July 2016


BLURB:  Ace Locke is Hollywood’s hottest action hero. Women across the globe fling their panties in his direction, but Ace isn’t interested in those—he’s more of a boxer briefs kind of guy. Specifically, those of the nearly naked male model on a billboard he drives past every day.

Though he recently made headlines for his public coming out, Ace is wary about pursuing a relationship, fearing what the court of public opinion will do to his career. But there’s something in the model’s expression that intrigues him and has him wondering what if?

Dylan Prescott just scored his biggest modeling campaign yet. One that has him plastered all over L.A. in not much more than what he was born with. And when he’s cast in Ace’s latest blockbuster, it puts him in close proximity to his ultimate fantasy.

Outwardly confident, Dylan has no problem with his sexuality or his pretty-boy looks, and uses both to his advantage to get what he wants. And what he wants is the impossible—Ace Locke.

From Ella Frank’s Sunset Cove series and Brooke Blaine’s L.A. Liaisons series comes a scorchingly hot novel that blends humor, passion, and romance.

What happens when these two worlds collide?

*Although Aced is a spin-off of Ella and Brooke’s series, prior reading of those novels is not required.*



Ok, I really enjoyed this book and already counting the days for the next book as this ended in a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to find out what Aced will do?
Though this is a new series, we get to see our beloved MCs from the Temptation e Sunset Series in cameo roles, we see Logan who is Aced’s attorney and Derek/Jordan, as Dylan (Aced’s love interest) is Derek’s ex-roommate.
The story flows so easily. Aced is a film star, he is out but he doesn’t have a relationship because he know that if he did have one, the press and paparazzi would hound them unmercifully, but he does have a crush on a Calvin Kline billboard model….
On the first day of filming for his latest movie, he discovers that Dylan, his crush, is one of the cast members.
Their attraction is immediate for both of them, Dylan is already a big fan of Aced.
Now what I really liked about this storyline was the way that they slowly started a secret relationship, Aced doesn’t want to expose Dylan to the vultures of the paparazzi.
I loved Dylan, even though he had a complicated past, he was so easy going.   He was adopted as a teenager by Hippie parents and I have to say that the dialogue between Dylan and his parents was absolutely hilarious!
Now we didn’t get to the bottom of their full story, but was treated to some funny calls and Skype sessions, so I’m really hoping to find out more in Book 2?
I feel that I must mention a particular scene in the latter part of the book, it reminded me strongly of Stanley Kubrick’s movie “Eyes Wide Shut” but this was better and to say it was scorching hot is the understatement of the century! Read it and let me know your thoughts…
Now I thought the author did a very good job with the storyline but I went in expecting it to be a stand alone and therefore was surprised it ended in a cliffhanger, but of course, now I’m aching for more…..
I’ve heard rumours though it won’t be a long wait as they are saying that the next book will be out in August, I do hope so.


infinito 4



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