REVIEW: “DARE TO RISK” by Kara Nash & Caitlin Ricci


TITLE: Dare to risk
AUTHOR: Kara Nash & Caitlin Ricci
SERIES: Dare – book 1
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Anna Sikorska
GENRE: Contemporary
PRICE: $ 6,99 e-book on Dreamspinner Press Store
LENGHT: 256 pages
RELEASE DATE: 29 July 2016


BLURB: For successful businessman Bran Wilson, selling the large Montana dairy farm that has been in his family for generations is an easy decision. He hates the farm, the land, even the cows, and wants nothing to do with any of it. But there’s a glitch in his plan: a stubborn cowboy from New Zealand who is as sexy as he is aggravating.

Kaden Barker loves the Wilson farm, and respected Bran’s grandfather up until the day he died. With his two best friends, he’s taken over working the farm and caring for the cows, and he’d happily spend the rest of his days doing it.

When Bran charges into his life, telling him he’s selling the farm and there’s nothing Kaden, or his friends, can do about it, the animosity between them is instant. But so is the attraction, and only one extreme can win out.



 This is the first story in the Dare series and it proves to be an exciting, emotional roller coaster with a great set of unique characters. Beside our two main characters here, we also get to meet four other guys who are likely to be the main couples in the upcoming books. The series is written by an author duo, and although Kara Nash is a new writer to me, I like Caitlin Ricci and enjoyed her stories very much in the past. I was really excited to see what they came up with together.

What we get is a complex, and emotional love story between two completely different guys. Building on the enemies-to-lovers motive, we get to see how Bran and Kaden are working out their differences, how they get to know each other, mostly with the help of a fun drinking game, and how they learn to accept their strong attraction and the potential of a happy future together, despite the circumstances.

The writing is solid, and I really enjoyed the first half of the book, as it was well built with just enough tension, lots of vivid and lifelike descriptions, and great chemistry between our MCs. I truly enjoyed getting to know what life on a dairy farm is like, and how our guys get along with their different backgrounds.

However, the scene became a bit crowded for me in the second half. I felt I didn’t have enough focus on our main characters, and the more didn’t mean better. With so many characters being present I feel I couldn’t get to know Bran and Kaden as much as I wanted to. There was too much going on to my liking, and the plot lost the depth it started out with. That being said I should say I really enjoyed reading the story. It was fun and entertaining and I cannot wait to read the next stories in the series.

infinito 4 

**** The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.****



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