TITLE:Untochable Beauty
AUTHOR: Meraki P. Lyhne
SERIES: The Cubi – book 1
GENRE: Contemporary
PRICE: $ 4.99 e-book  on Amazon Store
LENGHT: 229 pages
RELEASE DATE: 7th October 2016


BLURB: Business school is not for Daniel. Not after making the cover of Teen Model. The only problem is that his parents don’t agree, and Daniel skips school to set his plans for fortune and fame in motion. Meeting the award-winning photographer Heimli will change his life, but not in the ways the nineteen-year-old young man expects.

At the age of four hundred thirty-six, Seldon has fed on more beautiful men than he can remember. Living in seclusion from the human world, humans are brought to the Incubi and Succubi as slaves to feed on. Amongst these slaves are the rare Untouchables. When Seldon is entrusted with the safekeeping of one, he has his work cut out for him—especially since this Untouchable gets on his nerves. And under his skin.



Finishing a book like that… Seriously… If I didn’t know that the second book is coming in January, I would be truly pissed. Now I’m just slightly annoyed that I have to wait to read on. Ok. So let’s start again. Untouchable Beauty is the first book in a new series. This is also my first story by this author and I was taken outside my comfortzone of contemporary romances again big time. I couln’t stop reading, even when some scenes made me cringe or shake my head in disbelief. I really like the writing style, the diversity of the characters, and the fantasy world Meraki P. created is unique and a lot more layered than it first meets the eye. This is the tipical case when you are intrigued and repulsed at the same time. The reader is led into a hierarchical community of creatures feeding on lust, pleasure and sex, the rules and guidelines explained step by step woven into the story. There should be a few warnings before you start reading this book. If you don’t enjoy sex, just for the sake of it, being rough and carnal, this story is not for you. If you are able to open your mind and see this whole world as a vivid fantasy it intends to be, you’re in for a sensual, sometimes brutal, but very entertaining and often thought provoking ride. You don’t have to agree with all the theories the writer waves into the plotline. I didn’t. But the point is that you’ll be made to think. About your life, your parents or parenting, about our society, and the importance of life in general.

Up until almost the end, I didn’t see how this book is going to feel whole, but with an unexpected event it became a full story even if it ended in an even more surprising way that leaves us with a cliffhanger, which will be solved soon… I hope. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book. I’m not saying this book is for everyone, but if you enjoy fantasy, don’t mind a bit of dubious/non-con, and lots of sizzling sex, this is a great read for you!


infinito 4




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