TITLE: And your Enemies Closer
AUTHOR: Cecelia Stryder
PUBLISHER: Lovelight Press
COVER DESIGN: Satyr Designs
GENRE: Contemporary
SERIES: Love and Deceptions – book 1
PRICE: $ 3.95 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 224  pages
RELEASE DATE: 25th September, 2016


BLURB: “No one knows the real Cori Archontis. All anyone ever cares about is that I’m the lead singer from that band.”
Five years have passed since Cori Archontis traded dirty money for fame and skyrocketed his band, Love & Deceptions, into stardom—five years spent drowning his past in narcotics, dating women to stay publicly closeted, and running from his mistakes. But Cori’s time is up. The Hollywood based crime syndicate who pushed him to the top of the charts is done waiting for him to pay back his debt.

And they’ve sent the most handsome man Cori’s ever seen to collect what Cori owes them—his life.
“No matter what, I’ll never let myself be like my father.”
The job is simple. Get in, put a bullet through the kid’s skull, and get out. Nero’s done it before. He’s been a member of crime syndicate The Mad Royals for twenty years, and as crime lord Caligula’s right hand man, he’s as unsympathetic as he is ruthless.
And it’s cocky, gorgeous, arrogant flirts like Cori that Nero hates most of all.
But there’s a vibrancy in Cori’s voice and a sincerity in his song that makes Nero’s finger pause before he pulls the trigger—and it fills him with dread. He’s been sworn off men for longer than he’s been a Royal, and there’s no way he’d ever stoop so low as to go down the path he followed.
“I’m ready to give it all up—for you.”
But fate has other plans.
When two troubled pasts collide and expose a threat far more urgent than a simple debt, Cori and Nero’s lives are thrust onto parallel tracks. Forced to trust one another over the course of a single night while the world unravels at their feet and old scars open fresh, if they want to survive, they’ll have to learn to conquer their differences and find middle ground.
Or maybe somewhere even closer than that.




For a debut author, Cecelia Stryder did remarkably well. Yes, I’m the first to admit that there were some holes in the storyline maybe a little too much repetitive detailing that become a tad boring but I liked the originality and overall the book.  I think it was her inexperienced that showed in the length, you could have easily shaved off 20 pages with good editing and made it more sharper and therefore more poignant, but as I have already stated, she is a new author and therefore some latitude must be given.
Though I thought it an original storyline, I couldn’t help but to think back to the original Godfather film, where the singer was propelled into the limelight by The Family and they expected their dues……but this added a certain authenticity about it, I can actually believe that The Mafia has its hands in many pies, so why not the Music Industry as well?
The Royals (aka The Mafia) own the music business and therefore Cori Anchontis and his band, The Love and Deception. They instigated him to stardom and now want their dues which he has stopped paying.
But Cori is sick to the stomach with his life, it’s not what everyone thinks it is and after escaping from his sick and twisted boyfriend, who left him mentally scarred, doesn’t care anymore, he’s not paid The Royals and is expecting to be on the end of bullet.
Nero is that bullet. He’s been following Cori and now ready to show anyone of thinking of crossing The Royals, what happens if they do.  However, the meticulous Nero, who plans with alarming precision, couldn’t have envisaged that Cori’s psycho ex-boyfriend would not only show up that night but also has a very high ranking in a rival group to The Royals and plan to overtake their throne of leadership and rule themselves.
Everything that Nero has valued and worked for has gone from sugar to sh*t and now he is on the run with Cori in tow. He has to work out who he can trust?  who betrayed them? and try and work out his feelings for Cori and what to do with him?
He figures that out pretty quickly by taking him to bed and decides to keep him safe. Suddenly it’s Cori and not The Royals that becomes his priority, can he succeed?
As you can see for yourselves, the premise is great. Apart from tidying it up as one of my minor criticisms’, the biggest one for me was to why Corri really stopped paying his dues?  I didn’t get it?  If anyone knows, please tell me!  And I would have loved to have found out more about The Royals themselves, maybe next book?
No more spoilers from me, read it yourselves to see what happens? but read the blurb carefully, there are trigger warnings and should be heeded.
I’m looking forward to reading what Cecelia Stryder has in store for us in the future?

infinito 4

****I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC.  My review is an honest opinion of the book****


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