REVIEW: “SIRE” by Jex Lane


AUTHOR: Jex Lane
SERIES: Beautiful Monsters- book 2
GENRE: Paranormal
PRICE: $4.99 e-book on
LENGHT: 338 pages
RELEASE DATE: 24th October 2016


BLURB:  “Because love is the easiest way to control someone and I needed a way to control you.”
Still mending a broken heart, Matthew has spent a year avoiding incubi and their army of hunters.

Now he has a new goal: lift the shroud on his past. Why had he been turned and abandoned by his sire? Why didn’t he feel the initial bond between sire and child that vampires experience? Who were his parents, and why had they given him up at birth?
Frustrated by dead ends, his luck changes when a teenage girl tracks him down. She’s strange, socially awkward, and she can see the future. Matthew’s future. She’ll help him if he agrees to save her from the darkness…from Tarrick.
With the incubi armies closing in, a mysterious protector appears, swearing his fealty to Matthew. He’s ancient, seductive, and cursed—unable to explain why he keeps calling Matthew ‘my prince’. 


levi Well, where should I start…?Jex Lane is an upcoming author to whom we should looking out for. Her style is exquisite and when you least expect it … boom! she just blows your mind away.
You think I’m exaggerating? Come on, you don’t know me yet, so please give me the benefit of your doubt …

“Sire” is the second book of the “Beautiful Monsters” series. Now, before I get into the intricacies of describing this brilliant book, let me introduce you firstly, to Book One “Captive”

Matthew is a turned vampire and left alone by his Sire. Figuring out alone the ins and outs of being a vampire, one night he ends up in a trap set by an incubus named Tarrick. Now, Tarrick is the High Lord General of the Incubi. Sex on legs, doesn’t even begin to describe him and has power that Matthew has never come across before. But Matthew is not an ordinary vampire you see, ok I’m not going into detail here because I don’t want to spoil your fun of reading this first book, so you have to take my word for it (still not trusting me? ok, but be warned, my time of “I told you so” is fast approaching).  Tarrick keeps him captive, collared and shackled and Matt must call him Master. Though the book has adult content, with a hint of MF, we are not talking BDSM Master here, although…….

So “Captive” brings us into Matthew’s world, who was abandoned by both his real parents and his Sire, something that never happens in Vampire world and when he thinks that his feelings are returned, Tarrick the manipulative Incubus, betrays him! And that’s where Book One ends. If at this point I have made you curious enough to read this one and I highly recommend that you do, please don’t read any further, because there will be facts (spoilers) that you may not wish to read in case it mars your reading.

Matthew is heartbroken, he can’t forget Tarrick, no matter how hard he tries. One year has passed since he ran away from his captor’s hands and alone with his “dog” a gargoyle, he tries to find find out who are/were his parents and who is/was his Sire. With the help of the Vampires, he gains more power over his vampire side. With Hunters, Incubi, Witches and some Vampires, who fears him, also on his tail, he needs to be careful. But he must keep feeding both his sides, so one night out in a club, he meets Samantha, a young oracle who promise him that she can answer all his question in exchange for his protection from the darkness, aka Tarrick. I know what you think? yeah dude, whatever, it’s cheesy, but it’s really not, cross my heart!

Accidents happens … right?! Matthew accidentally turns Sam into a Vampire, actually he wanted to save her, but Sam ends up being a Vampire – his daughter. The bond is strong and Matthew goes ape shit crazy several times, when Sam is touched by others or even spoken too. The only exception to this is Devak. Oh sweet Devak, who calls him His Prince. Mind you, we love Devak, he is a servant sent by …? and he calls Matthew his prince because …? erghhh this curse doesn’t let Devak tell him anything! how infuriating is that? Right? To free Devak from this curse and find out who Matthew really is, they must go to Delphi.

Matthew can’t stop thinking about Tarrick, but he comes to care for his Guardian, Devak too … maybe a bit more … Devak’s submission fascinate him and infuriates him all at the same time.

Between Sam’s tantrums and jealousies, the growing feeling toward Devak, meeting several times with Tarrick and fighting against Demons, Matthew founds out about his Sire – No, I’m not going to say it who it is, so stop it! The book ends with a cliffhanger, and let’s just say Delphi, will not be Matthew’s happy place when he wants to find his peace … Jex damn you!

I’m so in love with this series! The story is one in a million of this genre. So yeah, go on, read it! You will not regret it, I promise you! Oh you are so annoying, at this point you should be already trusting my word…..!


infinito 5e

****I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC.  My review is an honest opinion of the book****


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