TITLE: Murmuration
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE:  Historical Americas / Science Fiction
E-BOOK: yes
PRICE: $ 6.99 e-book on Dreamspinner store
LENGTH: 354 pages
RELEASE DATE: 28th October 2016


BLURB: In the small mountain town of Amorea, it’s stretching toward autumn of 1954. The memories of a world at war are fading in the face of a prosperous future. Doors are left unlocked at night, and neighbors are always there to give each other a helping hand.

The people here know certain things as fact:
Amorea is the best little town there is.
The only good Commie is a dead Commie.
The Women’s Club of Amorea runs the town with an immaculately gloved fist.
And bookstore owner Mike Frazier loves that boy down at the diner, Sean Mellgard. Why they haven’t gotten their acts together is anybody’s guess. It may be the world’s longest courtship, but no one can deny the way they look at each other.
Slow and steady wins the race, or so they say.
But something’s wrong with Mike. He hears voices in his house late at night. There are shadows crawling along the walls and great clouds of birds overhead that only he can see.
 Something’s happening in Amorea. And Mike will do whatever he can to keep the man he loves.


leviThere is a genius walking amongst us, his name is TJ Klune. His latest book, Murmuration left me totally speechless. Have you ever experienced, where you are visiting a museum or gallery and where you are so amazed at something, you just don’t have the words to describe it? It stays with you, even though thoughts or words escape you, this is how I feel now……..

 When I finished this book last night, I was a bit worried how I was going to review this masterpiece. This is new, this is new, we are witnessing how the author stretches his wings to fly, to soar above new fields and in doing so, bringing to us in this realm called Amorea in 1954.

 So what do I tell you without giving away any spoilers? And believe me, this is a truly difficult task, so…

The story takes place in Amorea a town between mountains, with little shops, a diner and a bookstore called “Bookwarm”. The owner of the store is Mike Frazier, is he? , who has feelings for this beautiful boy Sean who works at the diner. For three years now, he has been circling around Sean. He is taking it slow. He is shy, he is confused, and he is older. Mike has events sometimes, like hearing voices, having memories of someone he doesn’t know he has hallucinations …what do you know about schizophrenia?  … Doc asks him. But he knows, deep down he knows, that this is not schizophrenia, and he will prove it! And what the hell does smartphones mean?!

Sean is a sweet boy who smiles at Mike with his just-for-Mike smile every time Mike’s walks in the diner. Mike’s walks Sean home every night, not missing one, they are friends “…and something more. Isn’t big guy? …” Yeah, Yeah. Sean has migraines, terrible migraines, but it’s ok to have migraines, everybody has migraines, this is normal in Amorea, isn’t it?

When they spend the night together for the first time, but it’s not the first night is it? , Mike decides that tomorrow, yes tomorrow, he will tell Sean that he is in love with him, there is no one else, there has never been anyone else… ever?

 TJ Klune is my all-time favorite, I fell in love with his work a few month ago after reading “Wolfsong”. I went and I had all his books. I was in love with Bear and Otter and the Kid and Ox and Joe and I could go on and on… If you haven’t read his books yet, you are missing out BIG TIME. He is one of the most talented contemporary authors I can assure you. I highly, like very highly recommend you this book!

For me rating TJ Klune is always easy … How many Stars? An entire galaxy!



infinito 5e

****I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC.  My review is an honest opinion of the book****


One thought on “REVIEW: “MURMURATION” by TJ Klune

  1. Birdie 10/27/2016 / 5:22 PM

    Yes yes!! Man, I agree with absolutely everything you said. TJ Klune is the most versatile author I think I’ve ever read!


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