TITLE: Hard Act to Follow
SERIES: Shooting Stars – bppk 3
PUBLISHER: Liquid Silver Books
GENRE: Contemporary
PRICE: $ 5.99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 171 pages
RELEASE DATE: 18tht August 2014


BLURB:  Mistakes from the past, feelings denied, and a career on the rise may doom their relationship before it has a chance. K. Vale pens a wonderful, contemporary romance with humor and heat in Hard Act to Follow, Book 3 of her GLBT series, Shooting Stars. Enjoy the twists and turns as best-friends-turned-lovers fight old fears to find new love and their happily-ever-after.

Kyrie is an actor with a physical aversion to telling lies, a one-eyed cat, and horrible taste in men. His ex-brother-in-law and best friend, Greg, harbors a secret crush he can’t shake. After denying his feelings for Kyrie for too long, Greg finally gives in to desire one drunken night. Come the morning, the facts get twisted. Kyrie pretends he doesn’t remember a thing—a lie that eats him alive—and Greg can’t stop thinking about how he screwed up the best thing in his life.

Before they can clear the air, Kyrie follows his dreams to New York City, but could he also be running away?

A mistake from Kyrie’s past detonates their silence, and Greg is forced to confront the man he loves. Is their new truth strong enough to support a relationship, or are they doomed to crumble under old fears? Their friendship could evolve into something a million times stronger, but maybe Kyrie’s act is just too hard for Greg to follow.



 Kimber Vale is a new author for me and though this is book 3 of the series, I read it very successfully as a stand alone, so don’t worry if like me, you haven’t read the first two books. This is Greg Dwyer and Kyrie Li’s story.  They are not only friends but brother-in-laws as well, as Kyrie’s sister is Greg’s wife.

Greg and his wife decide to get a divorce. Kyrie becomes scared at the idea, he thinks he will lose Greg’s friendship.  He decides to try and help save their marriage even though he is secretly in love with Greg!

The divorce goes ahead but Greg doesn’t move away, in fact, he starts to realise that his feelings for Kyrie are changing. He is not only jealous of him but also that his heart beats in a different way when he is with him.

Both Greg and Kyrie ignore their feelings for each other, they both believe that if they admit their feelings, it would turn the other away. But one night, whilst out partying and drinking, the impossible becomes possible and it’s a night that could change their lives forever…………….

But in the cold light of the morning, Kyrie becomes frightened, concerned that he may lose Greg forever, so he pretends not to remember anything. Greg was gutted.  But because he is afraid of his feelings for Kyrie, he too pretends not to remember!  But love has a way and it’s far too late for them to deny their feelings.

Now I did think that book 3 was a total standalone but I’m delighted in finding out that there is a book 4. Book 4 is a continuation of Greg and Kyrie’s love story, where we discover secrets and fears and I can’t wait to read it.

For me the starting was a bit slow, but when the storyline got going, I couldn’t put my kindle down, I was glued to the screen.



infinito 4

****I would like to thank the Author for the opportunity and privilege of reading this ARC. My review was an honest opinion of the book****


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