“There is no real ending.  It’s just the place you stop the story” – Frank Herbert.


lorraineIs that true? Sue Kellett aka Victoria Sue seemed an obvious choice to ask, as she has just written and released her final book of the Sirius Wolves Series, or is it the final one?  Let’s find out…

Hi Sue and welcome.

So my friend, what are your views on Frank Herbert’s statement and does it have any bearing on your decision to make The Full Circle the last one of the Series.

I wanted to go out on a high to be honest. The story arc (with the baddy) has reached its conclusion, and while yeah – I could definitely keep going, I don’t want to ruin a good thing.

My other problem is each book isn’t stand alone. There’s only so much back story you can include without getting boring.

I can see where you are coming from, but I can assure you that you are going to have a lot of upset readers on your hands…..

 And that brings me nicely onto my next question. I’m going to ask the question that everyone wants an answer too – Why did you do it?  You know what I’m talking about (and all your readers), I said in my review that it was a brave decision and I salute you for that, but do you have any regrets or would you do it again?

 How is it that I know immediately what you are talking about? I killed a main character, yes. It was me. Well, actually it was another character but I was holding the gun (I mean pen.)

Orion’s Circle, Broken Circle, and Eternal Circle were originally just one book. I got to 100,000 words and I wasn’t done so I split it into three.

I honestly thought – there are four main characters – no one’s gonna notice if I kill one. Right??

Wrong – and boy did I get crucified for it. The thing was when the decision to kill was made the decision to bring him back was also made. Except there were six long weeks between releases. The events that happened in book two had to happen for the events in the rest of the series to happen. Those who read book seven will hopefully get it.

They were certainly a long six weeks, you left us grieving and then surprised, but delighted us with an amazing plot twist, so if any readers were left traumatised, hang in there and read book 3!

 Now that’s out the way, how did the original idea of the Series come to you and did you envisage the success it has been?

  When i was little I read the sequel to 101 Dalmations and never forgot it. Sirius, the dog star, was mentioned, and an integral character. I researched. I didn’t want an ordinary shifter book. I wanted something a little different… and I have a good imagination. No, I had no idea it was going to be popular. To be honest I kind of thought making it about four guys would turn a lot of people off. But, I write what I love to read. I always have. I write for me first and the rest is just gravy.

Well I have to say that your gravy is very sexy gravy and I’m sure that your readers agree.

 Everyone knows that I’m a #TeamMarcus girl, but what about you? Who is your favourite and why?

 Up to tonight I would have said Adam. My newbie because he is so gorgeous, but I am getting ready to go to a book con this week and I’ve just read the first chapter of Orion’s circle in nearly a year. I forgot how much I loved Aden. So yeah – Aden.

Oh my little Omega Aden, good choice. I believe the shares in Kleenex rose considerably in 2015, did they thank you?

 The covers for this whole Series are amazing, who designed them and how much influence did you have?

 Eden at 3rusted Spoons from my publisher. She designed the background and it’s actually a photograph of Orion’s Nebula taken from the Hubble telescope. She may or may not have added a wolf’s head because you never really know what’s out there, do you?

We keep the same background and I chose all my boys. She’s kind of given up arguing with me to the point where she just gets me to send a photo.

Sounds like a wise woman to me.

I’ve always stated that your research is meticulous, is that something you like doing and how do you go about it? Any funny stories whilst “researching” that you care to share with us?

Okay – so I’m a female writing gay sex scenes between four guys. I am incredibly lucky that I have a gay male editor. I think his most famous comment on Orion’s Circle was “I don’t actually think that can happen. Not without a hoist, anyway.” Eight legs, eight arms, and four…

Haha. I need to meet that man and see whether he is of the same opinion now?

 I love a good baddie, Anubis fits into that category quite well. How did you dream this Demon up or did he appear in a nightmare and you knew you had to write him into the story?

 *snorts* Only after at least two glasses. No – he was included when I did the research on Orion and Sirius.

This reiterates my comment on your research, as he was an excellent choice.

 As well as writing, you work in your family’s business, run a household, pamper to your husbands’ every desire – lol, and have a high presence on Social Media, how do you fit it all in – are you secretly WonderWriterWoman?

 You got me. *whips her cape out* *Breaks all the empty wine glasses from the night before*

Haha. But I did notice the wine reference (again!)

Any WIPs at the moment that you would like to share?

*Ahem* Draws her chair up and opens the laptop. Seven. I got seven. However – in order of the next few months:

Seduction – Nov 22nd (The sequel to Temptation with Shannon West) Five Minutes Longer – my debut with Dreamspinners to be released in December. The Innocent Proposal which is scheduled for January, and my new one – The Alpha King and the Forgotten Omega – which is fighting my other titles.

I have a new saying – “I tried to write a contemporary but it grew four legs and a tail.”

Well they say seven is a lucky number….and I noticed that you slipped in a DreamSpinnerPress comment, any comments on that?

 Nothing except I’m super excited to be working with an awesome publisher!

Interesting and really looking forward to hearing more about that in the future when you feel the time is right to share what looks like exciting news.

 Now for some quick fire questions that must be answered –

 Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Trek if we’re talking Christopher Pine, but Wars if we include Harrison Ford. (It’s not about the film, it’s about the man… because I’m shallow like that.)

 Chocolate or vanilla kinda girl?

Are we talking calories or sex?

 Flannel pyjamas, silk nightwear or just you to bed?


 Coffee or tea girl?

Coffee in the US and tea in the UK (don’t ask)

 If you threw an intimate dinner party and could choose your own guest, who would you invite any why?

Will Shakespeare. He was my hero when I grew up and loved English lessons because of him.

 Any rituals when writing?

*Laughs hysterically*

You have a private and closed group on FB, can you tell us a bit about it and how a reader could become a member?

 $25,000 dollars split between the admins grants you immediate and full access.

Thank you Sue, not only was that informative but fun as well. I’m now off to try and raise the required $25,000 entrance fee.




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