TITLE: Detective Fox & the Christmas Caper
AUTHOR: Isobel Starling
COVER ART: Isobel Starling
GENRE:  Contemporary
E-BOOK: yes
PRICE: $ 2.99 e-book on Amazon
LENGTH: 124 pages
RELEASE DATE: 1st November 2016


BLURB: Every good Dick needs a sidekick…

Actor Tom Lewis’s world came crashing down when a honey trap and tabloid expose outed him and put pay to his flourishing career. The housewives favorite was most well-known for his role as ‘Detective Fox’ in the quaint British series ‘Malmesbury Murders’. But after the media speculation about his sexuality, the show is in hiatus and Tom hasn’t worked six months.

 Now things are getting serious, money running out and Tom needs a job desperately. So when his agent offers him a seasonal acting job, he reluctantly agrees… and takes on the role of Santa for a top London department store.

 This decision changes Tom’s luck. When Tom overhears two unidentified store workers discussing a “job to get a little Christmas bonus”. He realizes the ‘job’ is of the illegal sort. Now, Tom could call the police, but then again, wouldn’t it be great for his flagging career if Detective Fox saved the day?

 So Fox is on the case, and as every good Dick needs a sidekick, Tom decides a sexy young elf named Eli Mason will fit the role, in more ways than one.”




Detective Fox and the Christmas Caper is the first story in the writer’s new series, Dick and the Sidekick. This is a fast paced, absolutely entertaining and fun story where we meet a whole set of new, lovable characters and find ourselves in one episode of a movie series again.

I really like it when a writer has his or her own writing style with signature features. Isobel Starling is exactly like that. We get her signature wit and humor, well built, action packed storyline, and intriguing characters. Not only do we get to see the story from our MCs perspective but the writer gives insight into almost all angles, giving us the opportunity to see the situation from the different point of views. Writing in various third person POVs is not easy. It gives a deeper understanding for the reader, but also keeps them on their toes to know who’s thinking now and why. It made me read back a few times so I paid better attention.

If you have read previous books by this author you know by now that she is a grand master of all kinds kinky… we also get a glimpse of her mastery here, but there are less actual sex scenes than I expected. I’m not complaining though. What we get is plenty hot and enjoyable, but I was waiting for more of that to come… maybe in the upcoming book… I hope.

I truly enjoyed how I was taken to a very entertaining and colorful ride with Eli and Tom. I could really feel Christmas time, really imagine being in that huge department store in London. The plotline is exciting, the descriptions are vivid and some scenes just made me laugh out loud. I had lots of fun reading this story and I can’t wait to see what happens to our wonderful detective and his fun sidekick.



infinito 4


****I would like to thank the Author for the opportunity and privilege of reading this ARC. My review was an honest opinion of the book****


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Author Bio:

Born in Germany, Isobel Starling spent most of her twenty-year professional career making art. She relocated to the UK and, faced with the dreaded artist’s creative block, Isobel started to write and found she loved it more than making art.

Isobel’s first novel “Fall Together” was a bestseller in the GLBT-Bisexual genre on the ‘All Romance e-books’ site.  Her second novel “As You Wish”(Shatterproof Bond #1) is an Amazon bestseller, and its sequel “Illuminate the Shadows”(Shatterproof Bond #2)  was awarded a bestseller star on All Romance too.  She has just completed her eighth book and signed French and German, translation and publishing rights deals for the whole Shatterproof Bond series.

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