REVIEW: “HEART & SOUL” by Shae Connor

TITLE: Heart & Soul
AUTHOR: Shae Connor
GENRE:  Contemporary
E-BOOK: yes
PRICE: $ 2.99 e-book on Amazon
LENGTH: 87 pages
RELEASE DATE: 14th November 2016


BLURB: Love can sneak up on you in the last place you’d expect.

Kellen Grady has known he’s gay since he was a teenager, but he’s never been that interested in dating. A professional pianist, he’s happy spending his days teaching students of all ages and his nights working and playing at an Atlanta bar and concert venue. When former pro football player Terrence Harvey and his brother buy the bar, Kellen’s thrown by the change to his routine, but he develops a quick friendship with Terrence, drawn to his sunny nature and sharp mind. Then their relationship takes a turn when Terrence surprises Kellen with a kiss. The unexpected action, though not unwelcome, leaves Kellen faced with reevaluating everything he thought he knew—about Terrence, and about himself.




After Rhythm & Blues and Tongue & Groove, Shae Connor gifts us with another sweet love story in the form of Heart & Soul. I really like these titles the author comes up with. They truly represent all the stories to the dot. This is a wonderfully sweet, real feel-good love story that will warm your heart and fill your soul with joy and contentment.

The beauty of this story is its simplicity. Don’t expect a lot of action, big drama or lots of angst. We get two great guys who each lead a simple life, but they meet and they rock each other’s world to the core. They wake up the dormant desire for love in the other and as they form a tentative friendship, they also open their hearts to each other in a very timid and lovable way. There are plenty of tiny details that make this story all the more enjoyable. I really like that we have wholesome characters with steady backgrounds, lots of siblings and all the craziness of a family in general. The secondary characters all add something special to the plot from the very well written kid characters to the just-about-getting-a-divorce sister, from the protective brother to the always amazing chosen family of colleagues and friends. We get great values, love in its different forms, fantastic chemistry with the perfect feels, and a smooth build-up of a relationship with bare minimum conflict. Kellen and Terence work perfectly well together. Their attraction is immediate and their connection is slowly deepening the more time they spend together. I really enjoyed this book and if you are looking for a light, no conflict, sweet love story, grab this book and enjoy it!


infinito 4

**** The ARC was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.****


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