TITLE: The hard Boys: Alien Abduction
AUTHOR: Ian Cadena
SERIES: Case #1
GENRE: Paranormal – Mystery
PRICE: $ 2.99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 139 pages
RELEASE DATE: 4th September 2016

BLURB: Ethan & Justin Hard, along with their best friend Sparky, have formed Enigma Investigations to search out paranormal activity.
Case 1.
When their first potential…and adorable…client experiences missing time after a UFO sighting the Hard boys are all too eager to jump on his case. Will the Hard boys be able to solve what happened during his lapse of time?

lorraine Oh boy, this was fun!

 Not only was this fun with a capital F, it was also frivolous, playful with an almost satirical feel about it, but the intelligence of the author shone through at the same time, illuminating the storyline and this added factor made compulsive reading.

Ian Cadena also weaved an important message into the storyline like a master craftsman and for that I salute him.

I don’t know Ian, I came across him by chance on an on-line book party which, due to time difference between the U.K. and U.S., I rarely attend – karma?   But I’ve already decided to stalk him.  I need to know the man who thought up this erotically charged storyline and his characters, Ethan and Justin (and of course the marvellous Sparky).

His inventive inspiration is extraordinary and therefore makes great reading. My jury is still out on whether he is totally insane or truly talented with a very vivid imagination? I’ll let you decide…..

The enjoyment factor alone merits 5* and I’m looking forward to see what else this author has to offer, I’m assuming it’s going to a case of Case no. 2 and so on and on, as I have a feeling that my Boys are going to have many erotic encounters in their future investigations and Ian Cadena cannot wait to share them with us.

This book is available on Amazon’s KU library if you are a member and I recommend that you check it out.

Five #HardBoysRuleOK from me


infinito 5e


****I would like to thank the author for the opportunity and privilege of reviewing this ARC. My opinions of this book, were entirely my own.****



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