TITLE: Naked for you
AUTHOR: P.J. Nevada
PUBLISHER: Self Publishing
GENRE: Contemporary
PRICE: $ 3,99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 135 pages
RELEASE DATE: 10th October 2016


BLURB: Max Monroe should have considered himself lucky. He had a home of his own and a successful career, but when describing himself, only one word came to mind – boring. His love life was lackluster at best and he desperately needed a change. One night after work, he stepped out for a drink, surprised that the bar he chose was presenting an all-male review. He chats it up with another guy at the bar, Luke Williams, but is soon shocked when his drinking mate turns out to be one of the strippers in the show.

Max finds himself chatting with Luke after the show, the conversation much more interesting this time. Luke really tests Max’s confidence when the discussion focuses on the world of male stripping. Luke tries to get Max to understand what it would be like to remove his clothes before a room full of perfect strangers. Soon after, in a back room of the club, Luke shows Max a few hot moves, and some stimulating results develop. The action follows them home.

A relationship between Max and Luke quickly develops as they dance and strut their way deeper into the world of the male stripper. The guys face coworkers and fans, not to mention a few haters. The challenge is to see whether that can survive it all. In this erotic romance, learn a few tricks of the trade while savoring the hot, blossoming relationship of these two guys.



This is the P.J.Nevada that I love, he was on top form for this one, delivering a cute but sexy love story between an Accountant and a Stripper (sorry, Exotic Dancer).

Max is a 28 year old, vest wearing Accountant. His assistant/surrogate mother in the making, Annette, admires him but also despairs at his practically non-existent social life and we all know what they say about all work and no play……

So she basically challenges him to get one!

Now Max’s façade of a serious, nerdy Accountant is very true, but under that vest of his, lays someone else entirely and though Max doesn’t know it yet, it’s waiting to break out. On a whim, he goes to The Spy Club, he’s been there before but is unaware that tonight is Ladies Night, which is something that Max is definitely not interested in, until he sees one of the Strippers (sorry, Exotic Dancer).  Now THAT is something he is very interested in and unbelievably to Max, Luke the Dancer (ok, stripper) is very interested in Max too.

As I said, P.J. Nevada was on top form with this one. Not only did he match the perfect pair together, he showed us that when in love with the right person, anything can happen, inhibitions go out the window and you become proud of the person you are with but also the person you can be.

The sex scenes were sizzling but you also felt their love for each other. Two very different people, bonded like glue or even Velcro (yep, bit of a spoiler there) but I did say that Max had layers under that vest of his.

Max the Accountant and Luke the Stripper (I think that by now we can forego the Exotic Dancer title) made an unusual but perfect pairing. Add a little bit of angst (where would we be without P.J.s angst?) and we have a great read, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Would love to know though where the author did his research? Any comment P.J.?

Great fun and highly recommended.


infinito 5e

****I would like to thank the author for the opportunity and privilege of reviewing this ARC. My opinions of this book, were entirely my own.****


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